Wednesday, September 14, 2011

About Me

In 1967 when I was 16, I decided to hitch the 35 miles up to San Francisco to see what was going on. It was the Summer Solstice, and I walked into the first day of the Summer of Love. That is when I began studying Eastern Mysticism and Western Metaphysics

In 1968 I began working with the I Ching, and now have my own translation online. In 1970 I began working with Massage and Healing with Karmu, the Holy One, in Cambridge Ma. He was a Healer, and a Rootman, and he taught me Massage, and how to love people, which is perhaps the most important thing anybody can know.

In 1973 I been doing Tai Chi Kung Fu with GrandMaster John Chung Li.

I am a writer, and artist, musician, Stand Up Comic, and a UFO Contactee.

I do not discriminate on the basis of Planetary Origin or Species.

I am a Vegetarian, have my own organic Garden, and support Animal Rights and Progressive causes.

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You'll also find other things of interest there... such as my Moving Mandalas


30, 706K

and Nature Photography

I would like you to meet the Divine within yourself.

I would like you to get to know the Earth. It is a sentient being. We get to live here, only because She allows it. If we continue to exploit and destroy the resources of this planet, she just might change her mind about us being here...

Do you really want that?

Listen to the whisperings of the Trees. Pay attention to the Song of Life arising from the All.

The True Gospel will never be found within the pages of any book, but it can readily be seen within the Hearts of all who love the Divine.

We are not saved by seeking God. Let go, and let yourself be found by All that loves you!

You deserve nothing less.

Be the Blessing that all most desire in their inmost Hearts.

We are not here to dominate or exploit the other forms of Life. We are here to tend to their needs.

This is the Way that it is done.

Enlightenment reflects out into the Universe through behavior. People on The Path care as much for the well being of all living things, as they care about themselves. And they demonstrate this by doing as much to end suffering in the world, as they do to take care of themselves.

It is that simple.



Enjoy! PS : I've also done some work as a Stand Up Comic, and Musician

James Clair Lewis on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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  1. This is a first class bio. & opening into many other new dimensions for many visitors! Brings back memories of when Janis Joplin & Big Brother were singing @ Longshoreman's Hall, on the wharf, in San Francisco, & the Diggers were giving-out food to the runaways who sought a new way of Life with the massive movement for universal consciousness. Peace.

  2. Thank you. It just happens that Janis Joplin turned me onto my first hit of Sothern Comfort


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