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Classic Blues : Digest Five

Classic Blues : Digest Five

Classic Blues : Eric Clapton 1

Classic Blues : Etta James 2

Classic Blues : Johnny Winter 1

Classic Blues : Albert King 1

Classic Blues : John Mayall 2

Classic Blues : Big Mama Thornton 2

Classic Blues : Jeff Beck 2

Classic Blues : Cream 1

Classic Blues : Luther Allison 1

Classic Blues : Freddie King 1

Classic Blues : Digest Four

Humanity Healing Blogs 25

Humanity Healing Blogs 25

A Brief Anatomy of Extra-Physical Bodies II

Multidimensional Healing III

Mantram of Unification

Some Thoughts on Channeling

The Law of Free Will

The Genetic Consciousness – The Cellular Seals

Stellar Code Polaris

The Days and Nights of Brahma

Capella – The Star of Plenitude

Karmic Astrology I

Star Trek New Voyages 1

Star Trek New Voyages 1

Star Trek New Voyages - 4x00 - Come What May

Star Trek New Voyages - 4x01 - In Harm's Way

Star Trek New Voyages - 4x02 - To Serve All My Days

Star Trek New Voyages - 4x03 - World Enough and Time

Star Trek Phase II - 4x04 - Blood and Fire, Part 1 of 2

Star Trek Phase II - 4x05 - Blood and Fire, Part 2 of 2

Star Trek Phase II - 4x06 - Enemy Starfleet

Star Trek Phase II - 4x07 - The Child

Star Trek: Enterprise - Crossroads (Fan-Film)

Star Trek Funny Universal Translator Video

Basket Weaving and Tapestry 8

Basket Weaving and Tapestry 8

Teri Rofkar, Tlingit Basket Weaver

Basket Weaving

Aunty Elizabeth Lee Weaves Lauhala on BITV

Bracelet Weaving (2)

Weaving: How to Bind Off

Woven Tapestry Techniques -

weaving on homemade loom navajo weaving my first rug

Navajo Master Weavers

Navajo Weavers Carry on Centuries-Old Tradition

Navajo, Diné, Indians of New Mexico, Arizona,1945 Documentary

Psychedelic Rock : Heart 1

Psychedelic Rock : Heart 1

Heart - Barracuda (live in Seattle, 2002)

Ann & Nancy Wilson (Heart) - Stairway To Heaven - Kennedy Center Honors

Heart - These Dreams

Heart - Alone (From "Night at Sky Church" DVD & Blu-Ray)


Heart @ Ellen Shows "What About Love" = 4/1/11

Heart - Tall, Dark Handsome Stranger (Live)

Heart - The Witch

HEART - Wild Child

Heart - Magic Man (Live-HQ)

Points of View

Points of View

Points of View

by James Clair Lewis

The Ego, being a focal point of Consciousness in the Material World, must neccesarily have its own point of view, (otherwise how could it relate to what's going on?). Each Ego develops a World View, and a set of attitudes, which color perception, and channel how the Ego will interpret & react to events happening around it.

Depending upon how Enlightened a person happens to be, this world view will correspond (or not) to what is actually happening. It can happen that a person's World View may be so far afield from reality, that it is unable to actually relate to things as they are, but instead, the person relates to things solely upon their own beliefs of what is going on, and is for all practical purposes, totally in their own head.

I'm sure you've seen this happen. It's difficult not to notice when somebody is so bound by their beliefs, that they can only relate to them, and not truly see you at all. Pretty frustrating, too, isn't it?

Now I am not *exactly* what you could call a mainstream thinker. I began studying & practicing both Eastern & Western Metaphysics & Occultism in 1967, when I was 16.... enough time so that I might actually know something about this stuff, as a matter of working knowledge. One of the major themes of this sort of thinking, is that our thoughts, beliefs, and world view actually have considerable effect upon the conditions that occur around us.

Generally this notion is only taken to the point of saying that we gravitate conditions into our lives that correspond with how we view our relationship with the Universe. So if you think negatively, you will miss opportunities, while if you think positively, all sorts of wonderful things can happen. They say that "Thoughts are things", and it is most certainly true that every discovery began with an observation, and that every invention, began with an idea.

Obviously, I believe this to be true. But I would like to take this just a step further, and show you a bit of how what is called Magick actually operates. You see, our preconceptions not only shape how we interpret what is going on around us, but they also affect the behavior of the people we deal with. It is like our attitudes put a sort of Spell upon people. If you hold an attitude about somebody, you sort of make it difficult for that person to behave much differently than how you concieve of them.

I think the extent of this subtle effect is proportional to how closely it matches things going on inside that individual. If a person's attitude about somebody else is hopelessly colored by their own hopes & fears, it's not going to mesh very well. However, if the attitude has some basis in reality, then it will attach to some degree, and bring out that quality in that individual. So if you expect somebody to be difficult, or angry, you really are making it rather difficult for them to behave in any different way around you.

Ah... but here's the Key. If you observe carefully, you will discover what the best qualities actually exist in somebody you deal with on a regular basis. Then, if you make the effort to think about them as being their best self, you can actually draw those inherent good qualities out in them. Try it! Have you got anything to lose? hehehe

Clouds 8

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Music for Mystics : Steven Halpern 2

Music for Mystics : Steven Halpern 2


STEVEN HALPERN Cymatic Imagery of Sacred Chant recorded Inside the Great Pyramid

"First Kiss" by Steven Halpern from the album Paradigm Shift

Scalus Interruptus: A Demonstration Video by Steven Halpern

Live Blood Cells & Healing Music

Deep Theta Part 1 (Brainwave Entrainment Music) by Steven Halpern

Improved Memory Japanese Subliminals

Deep Theta Brainwave Entrainment Track 2 (Alternate Version)

Deep Theta Brainwave Entrainment Track 2 (Album Version)

Deep Theta Brainwave Entrainment Track 9 (Album Version)

Bill Moyers & Company 15

Bill Moyers & Company 15

Bill Moyers Essay: The United States of Inequality

Living Outside Tribal Lines

Sherman Alexie on Living Outside Borders

A Mother Fights Toxic Trespassers

Sandra Steingraber's War on Toxic Trespassers

"Dance of the Honey Bee"

Trading Democracy for 'Security'

Glenn Greenwald on the High Cost of Government Secrecy

The Sandy Hook Promise

Francine Wheeler and Peter Yarrow on Music's Power in Social Movements

Great Voices and Dancers : Dorothy Dandridge 1

Great Voices and Dancers : Dorothy Dandridge 1

Glenn Mller. Dorothy Dandridge. Nicholas Brothers

Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge - Cow Cow Boogie

Dorothy Dandridge You Do Something To Me

Dorothy Dandridge Hit Parade of 1943

Dorothy Dandridge as African Queen Melmendi 1951

The Colgate Comedy Hour Dorothy Dandridge Blow Out the Candles

Dorothy Dandridge My Heart Belongs To Daddy

Dorothy Dandridge - I Got Rhythm

Beautiful Dorothy Dandridge introduces MLK

Meet the Elephant Sanctuary 7

Meet the Elephant Sanctuary 7

Elecam Encounter: Shirley and Tarra 4/30/2012

Minnie and The Great Flood

Elecam Encounter: Debbie and Ronnie

Elecam Encounter: Ronnie and Minnie

Elecam Encounter: Tange and Flora

Elecam Encounter: Debbie and Ronnie

Elecam Encounter: Sissy and Winkie

Elecam Encounter: Minnie

Elecam Encounter: Tarra

Elecam Encounter: Minnie

Hans Huber : The Greatest Hits!!!

Hans Huber : The Greatest Hits!!!

Hans Huber phantasie Op 17 for violin and piano

Hans Huber - Concierto para piano No. 3 en Re Mayor, Op. 113

Hans Huber Sextet in B Flat II. Allegro molto vivace

Hans Huber - Symphony No. 2 "Boecklin", IV. Finale

Hans Huber - Four Psalm Fantasies for Organ

HANS HUBER 3e sonate pour deux pianos opus 126

Ars Amata Zürich,Hans Huber Klavierquintett op.125 2.Satz

Huber: Concerto in G-minor for two violins and piano op. 11

"Zwölf für Zwei" Twelve Tone Music by Hans Huber

Hans Huber - Jugendalbum Nr. 10 Variationen G-dur

Pleiadian Plaza

Eva Cassidy ~ Somewhere Over The Rainbow (with lyrics)

Santa Monica Mountains 4

Pleiadian Plaza

by James Clair Lewis

This came to me in a dream, although I'm not certain that it actually was a dream...

I had brought a troupe of terrestial human performers to the home world of the Pleiadians for an engagement of our variety show. The show had gone well, but Pleiadians don't applaud, as we do, because most of what they express themselves with, is carried on a mental level, rather than a vocal one. That was very disconcerting to the terrestial human performers, most of whom were rather limited in Astral perception. They could feel that the Pleiadians had enjoyed our performance, even though the room had been silent.

It was the morning after the performance, and our Guides were taking us outside for breakfast. Pleiadian cities have very tall buildings, which are set very far apart. In between, most of the city is set aside for parks & gardens. Some of the trees are ancient & towering themselves, but there are also open places of meadows surrounded by fruit trees, ponds, fountains, and pathways in and around garden areas.

For breakfast, you just walk out, pick some fruits and veggies, find a comfortable place to sit on a bench or at a table, & eat. Since everybody is fabulously wealthy, it's all free. The Pleiadian people all spend a bit of time tending these gardens, since they feed everybody, and gardening is a pleasure.

As we stepped out into the plaza, I felt a ripple of excitement spread across the city. There were easily some 10,000 Pleiadians out walking about on their own business, some gathered in groups, others tending gardens, others having breakfast, and plenty of space for all the growing things.

Once we had all gotten to the area where we were to pick our own breakfasts, an amazing thing happened. In our performance the night before, (which had been broadcast system-wide), there was one song which had especially delighted the Pleiadian audience. And now all across the plaza, they began to sing it together in flawless English with angelic Pleiadian voices...

"Somewhere over the rainbow skys are blue.

And the dreams that you dare to dream,

really do come true..."

Somebody operating their weather control system even managed to get a tiny rain cloud in place to produce a rainbow, too.

These animated Moving Mandalas are very large files. Please click on the pic, and wait for it to load. The Contemplation will be very enabling, carrying your Mind beyond the mundane world


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Classic Jazz : Art Tatum 1

Classic Jazz : Art Tatum 1

Art Tatum plays Dvorak

Art Tatum -- Tenderly

Art Tatum -- Little Man You've Had a Busy Day

Art Tatum plays Cherokee (1954)

JArt Tatum plays Chopin (Valse in C# Minor, Op. 64, No. 2)

Art Tatum plays Night and Day (1948)

Art Tatum - Tiger Rag

Over the Rainbow (1953) by Art Tatum

Art Tatum with Lionel Hampton & Buddy Rich - Love for sale

Body and Soul (Art Tatum & Oscar Peterson)

Humanity Healing Blogs 24

Humanity Healing Blogs 24

Some Thoughts on Memorial Day

Multidimensional Healing I

Multidimensional Healing II

Multidimensional Healing II, part 2

The Real Meaning of Egregore

Esoteric Numerology

The Occult Face of Violence

The Causal Body – The Temple of the Soul

A Brief Anatomy of Extra-Physical Bodies I

Zen Tales – Attachment

Classic Folk : The Irish Rovers 1

Classic Folk : The Irish Rovers 1

The Irish Rovers - The Orange and the Green

The Irish Rovers - Boys of Belfast

Drunken Sailer - Irish Rovers

The Irish Rovers- Johnny I hardly knew ye

The Irish Rovers - The Unicorn Song

THE IRISH ROVERS - The Pub With No Beer

Irish Rovers - The Boys Are Going Drinking Tonight

Irish Rovers - Blow The Man Down

The Irish Rovers - The Biplane Evermore

Bells Over Belfast - The Irish Rovers

Documentaries, Artists, Philosophers, and Scientists 1

Documentaries, Artists, Philosophers, and Scientists 1

Buckminster Fuller - Everything I Know

Bruce Lipton : The Biology of Perception

Rob Williams - Psychology of Change

Bruce Lipton's Latest Training

Rick Simpson Croatia Seminar 2011 FORBIDDEN CURE

Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow Marijuana

Orwell Rolls in his Grave (Full 3HR Documentary)

Global Warming: MEAT THE TRUTH

Living in Emergency: Stories of Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

Marijuana a Chronic History (Full Version)