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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Week of the Start

Storm in the Center of Calm

34 : The Start

12 through 17 degrees Capricorn

You have to start sometime, and somewhere.

Split up tasks according to what needs to be done first. Decide to Deliver. Do not be Stupid! Adhere to proper Conduct. Share credit for the work. Modest beginnings can lead to great things.

Begin with Love. Recognize Limitations. Keep the goal in view. Work with cooperative people. Return to the plan. Only work brings Increase.

Make adjustments as difficulties arise.

The Image

Lightning strikes!

Know the desires of your Heart.

Be Logical.

Express Love.

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The Inside

Wait & be aware! Stall until you can locate & understand the problem. Be sensible! Deeds, rather than words, are always more significant. Good Luck! Avoid impulsiveness and impulsive people. No blame. Face danger when duty calls. Keep well-informed, and prepared at all times. Be careful. The pot is golden. A reasonable attitude encourages cooperation. Be kind. Do not be afraid to speak the truth, & act according to it. Be Bold.

The Outside

Good fortune will come, if you unite with people only on a basis of Truth & Love. Be Real. The Bees go out to forage. Do not wait any longer. Go for it! The Dragon conquers new territory. Only experienced help can deal with challenging situations. Do not hire anyone else. Be Aware. The Butterfly avoids spiders. Do not attach yourself to parasites. Concentrate upon what is important. Pay attention. There is no blame in admitting your mistakes. Good Fortune. People will know if you are a jerk, and they may not like what they see. Will you? Pay attention.

The Lines

Top : You will get nowhere, unless you correct your mistakes. Keep on trying. Misfortune!

5 : Be patient, and you will gradually eliminate difficulties. Pay attention.

4 : The Butterfly avoids spiders. The car breaks down. If you can find another vehicle, you can get things done anyway. Think!

3 : The Dragon stays home. Do not try to force the impossible. Be Sensible!

2 : The Bees go out to forage. Think and wait. Do not accept help from your adversary. Be aware.

1 : Use Love to attract the right people, when dealing with initial difficulties. Be real.

The Start's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside



The Pot








The Split

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Aquaman's BlogSpot 3

Aquaman's BlogSpot 3

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Balancing Idealism And Realism For A Sustainable Future

Psychedelic Rock : Vanilla Fudge 1

Psychedelic Rock : Vanilla Fudge 1

Vanilla Fudge - Faceless People

Phase Four: Merchant - Vanilla Fudge

Vanilla Fudge - You Keep Me Hangin' On (Supremes) (ca. 1968)

Vanilla Fudge - Season Of The Witch - BB Kings - NYC

VANILLA FUDGE - People Get Ready

Vanilla Fudge "The Spell That Comes After"

Vanilla Fudge "Where Is My Mind"

Vanilla Fudge - She´s not there - live Lorsch 2003 - Underground Live TV recording

Vanilla Fudge - Shotgun & Interview (Mike Douglas Show, 1969)

The Vanilla Fudge - The beat goes on ( Rare Nice Psychedelic Colour Footage 1968 )

The Stranger (1946) ORSON WELLES

The Stranger (1946) ORSON WELLES

Music for Mystics : Yanni 1

Music for Mystics : Yanni 1

Yanni - Rainmaker

Yanni - If I Could Tell You (HD)

"Until the Last Moment" - Yanni

Yanni - Truth of Touch (Live at El Morro, Puerto Rico)

Yanni & Lucero - Eterno es Este Amor

Yanni Voices Concert: Volver A Creer

YANNI VOCES - José Feliciano - No ha dejado de llover

Llama de Amor Yanni & Olga Tañon The Flame Within

Yanni Voices Ender Thomas - Desire with Lyrics

Yanni - The Storm

The Lighter Thief

Give A Squirrel A Helping Hand - UCLA (Must see)

Clouds 24

The Lighter Thief

by James Clair Lewis

Many years ago, I had a fishing boat out of Newburyport, Ma. If you know anything about commercial fishermen, then you know that they are all habitual lighter thieves. To keep the peace aboard my vessel, I purchased a bunch of large orange lighters. Each crew member got two, and the rest were stationed in strategic locations about the boat. Everybody was happy.

Of course, we did have friends & visitors. Sometimes they would come aboard while we were at dock, and sometimes while we were out at sea. Most everybody respected that the large orange lighters were ours.... with one notable exception...

This guy was compulsive about stealing lighters, and as our supply was beginning to dwindle as a result of his predation, I had to take a drastic action. I believe we were in Portsmouth when I found the novelty store. There I found a number of small orange lighters that could be loaded with tiny caps. There was a spring on the bottom side, so when you picked up one of these small orange lighters, it would go off with a big bang, (although otherwise, it was harmless).

Prior to his next visit, I seeded the boat with these small orange lighters, and made sure that my crew held all of the regular large orange lighters in their pockets. We were in the midst of Stillwagon fishing bank, (a great place to see whales), when next he came aboard. The boat he regularly worked on took off for Gloucester, and we planned on going to P-Town for the evening.

It wasn't long before we heard the first explosion up on the fly bridge. He came racing down, and I kindly lit his cigarette for him with the large orange lighter in my pocket. After awhile he went to the galley to talk with the 2nd mate. With the second explosion, he returned to the wheel house somewhat unnerved. I suggested that he take a nap forward to relax.

Fifteen minutes later came the third explosion, and he raced back to the wheel house quite distraught to say the least. I was about to light his cigarette for him again, when he picked up another small orange lighter by the wheel for the fourth explosion. We were all laughing by now, and he decided that he needed to take a shit.

I'm sure you are expecting this by now, and I won't disappoint you. The fifth explosion occured in the head. He bolted through the wheel house & made his way back aft. I *think* he was beginning to sweat. There he sat down on an empty fish box beside the beer cooler, which just happened to have a small orange lighter on top of it...

With the sixth explosion, the 1st mate put the boat the boat into neutral, while the 2nd mate tossed him a line, and I made ready with the gaff. It's not entirely clear to me why he wouldn't speak to us again for several weeks.

Of course, this story isn't quite over yet. About a month later we were back in Newburyport, and walked into The Thirsty Whale. We saw him at the bar & decided to join him. I lit a cigarette, and then placed my pack on the bar with a small orange lighter on top of it. The seventh explosion prompted the bartender to call 911. The paramedics soon arrived & took him to the emergency room. A few days later, the doctors said he was in stable condition, and he was released.

To my knowledge he has never stolen another lighter since... at least... not an orange one. Muwhahahaha!

These animated Moving Mandalas are very large files. Please click on the pic, and wait for it to load. The Contemplation will be very enabling, carrying your Mind beyond the mundane world

Wood Butterfly Vortex

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Hollywood Musicals : 100 Deanna Durbin Songs!

Hollywood Musicals : 100 Deanna Durbin Songs!

Well, there were, until a bunch of them got pulled

Hollywood Musicals : Deanna Durbin 1

Hollywood Musicals : Deanna Durbin 2

Hollywood Musicals : Deanna Durbin 3

Hollywood Musicals : Deanna Durbin 4

Hollywood Musicals : Deanna Durbin 5

Hollywood Musicals : Deanna Durbin 6

Hollywood Musicals : Deanna Durbin 7

Hollywood Musicals : Deanna Durbin 8

Trailer for Deanna Durbin Can't Help Singing

Deanna Durbin's trailer (Something in the wind)

Deanna Durbin - Vienna Boys Choir - Ave Maria

SaturnsLady BlogSpot 22

SaturnsLady's BlogSpot

Consulting Your Soul

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Life as I see it

The "Still Small Voice"

A Spiritual Intervention

How'd They Do That?

I'm Going To The Center of Myself

Finding Happiness

*Even Now*

Discover Yourself

Robinson Crusoe Douglas Fairbanks

Robinson Crusoe Douglas Fairbanks

The Knot

Desert Song

Reseda Two

The Knot

by James Clair Lewis

How It Is

The Fabric of the Universe is bound together by the Energy of Life, woven through the dimensions from the macroscopicly large to the microscopicly small. This is a Cosmic Consciousness containing its own living Universe. Our Universe, in which we live.

Now consider a multidimensional Mandelbrot of Budding Cosmic Consciousnesses, each unique with its own living Universe and Laws of Nature. This is how it is : A Grand Pattern repeating within itself with Order arising from the individual differences which occur within the eddys of the streams of Time : A Transcendental Being containing all possible Universes within itself, and it is in motion, changing as it goes along.

How It Isn't

Once upon a time there was this guy who had a dollar in his pocket, but he had forgotten that it was there. Then The Lord came unto this guy, and He spake unto him, saying, "Worship me as your Personal Lord and Savior, and I will put a dollar in your pocket!"

Well, the guy happened to need a dollar, so he accepted The Lord as his Personal Lord and Savior, and when he reached into his pocket, he found the dollar that had been there all along.

The Knot

You know how to tie a knot. Visualize a tunnel with ends opening up and facing each other. Take the right hand path. It curves gently to the left and there are stairs going up. At a certain height the roof of the tunnel opens up with the sides being some four feet on either side. From here you can see all around you.

Now the stairs go down again, curving gently to the right, and the tunnel closes up again over your head as you descend the stairs. When you get back to ground level again, the tunnel moves forward, and then begins to curve around to the left.

As the tunnel continues to curve to the left, more stairs lead upward again, and the tunnel opens up at the top as before. Here you can see all around you from a second place. Next, more stairs lead downward, the tunnel closes up again as before, and bends towards the right. It continues forward for a bit, and then curves to the left, finally coming to the end facing where you started.

You have just walked through a knot.

I should like to construct this thing. It is a simple labyrinth in three dimensions, and ought to be a great problem solver. Concrete set in sacks, and layered on like large bricks, ought to do it. A layer of stucco should make it all smooth. I would paint the whole thing inside and out with a primer coat of white. Then I would draw long overlapping and entwining curves of sine waves, and spirals about it. These I would paint in a six color spectrum of pastels

There are two completely enclosed areas inside. These would make nice herb gardens. The first one would need two archway entrances from either side of the tunnel. The second one would have a single entrance positioned in the middle of the long curve. Opposite that one, I would have a set of stairs leading up to another viewing area.

One thing I would not do, is to have the tunnel all round with a slope instead of stairs. I'm pretty sure somebody would wipe out badly on a skateboard! OUCH!!

So maybe it should just be a garden pathway with two sets of arching stairs going up and over the path. That would be a pretty nice view

These animated Moving Mandalas are very large files. Please click on the pic, and wait for it to load. The Contemplation will be very enabling, carrying your Mind beyond the mundane world

Reseda Vortex


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The Gaian Dragon I Ching : Week of Contemplation


The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar

#3 : Contemplation

6 through 11 degrees Capricorn

Thinking is required to understand Truth

Split away from negative thinking. Push towards clarity. Approach simplicity. Do not give up. Use the Power of reason. Adopt Grace.

Strive to bring Increase. Disperse naysayers. Move steadily and Gradually. Ask for help when you are Stuck. Split Apart what is useful from what is not. Love is greater than thinking.

Contemplation begins with observation.

The Image

Accept the world as it is.

Know the desires of your heart.

Think logicly.

Grow in Wisdom

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The Inside

Wait & be aware! Stall until you can locate & understand the problem. Be sensible. The Bees are practical. Content is more important than form. Great Good Fortune! Do not relax & allow things to fall apart by becoming too comfortable. Pay Attention. Success comes after difficulties are resolved. Be patient & persevering. Success comes from striving to maintain harmony in your business. Be Fair. A simple clear form is the fullness of Grace. Be Clear.

The Outside

Use your good fortunes to further the advancement of humanity. Good Luck. The Bees are cooperative. When the causes of separation lie within yourself, disolve the patterns of narrow thinking which perpetuate the problem. Get Wise! Do not quarrel. State your case, & let things develop naturally. Pay attention. Do not assume authority without general consent. Be realistic. Strive to be the center of union when everything is splitting apart. Good luck. Do your best. If you lose your head, then you may have lost it all! Misfortune!

The Lines

Top : Only when you know yourself, can you see the world as it is. Be Realistic!

5 : If you truly know yourself, you will be able to live without blame. Good Luck!

4 : The Butterfly lives in Harmony. Assist the development of wisdom among your friends. Great Good Fortune!

3 : Observe the results of your actions to decide which Path you will follow. Think!

2 : The Bees are cooperative. Contemplate the letter of the law, when dealing with bureaucrats to smoothly accomplish your goals. Pay Attention!

1 : Understand the difference between seeing things as they are, and being able to do something about it. Get Wise!

Thinking's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside


The Split







The Push


The Split

These animated Moving Mandalas are very large files. Please click on the pic, and wait for it to load. The Contemplation will be very enabling, carrying your Mind beyond the mundane world...

Astral Chapel

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