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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Week of Retreat

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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar

#15 : Retreat

Always be prepared for a retreat.

Prepare for discoveries. Restrain your emotions. Develop composure. Draw from inner resources. Connect the dots. Go for it!

Be Friendly. Schedule a Meeting. Ponder solutions when you are Stuck. Gradually get things done. Do not interfere with what you are trying to do. End a retreat, when you are ready

Meditation is action

The Image

Know the world you live in

Be aware of what people think

Use imagination

Become the Spiritual Light

The Inside

The Dragon does not waste time. Correct trouble before it does harm. Think! The Bees check things out. Wait until everything is in order before proceeding. Think! The Fool depends upon force. The Wise cultivate equilibrium. Meditate. Be a hermit, until you can organize your life, and clear your mind. No blame. Recruit people of proven ability, and allow them to organize within their fields without interference. Be wise. Go for it! Eliminate disruptive influences who cannot learn from mistakes. Be decisive!

The Outside

There is no blame in being friendly with your neighbors, if you mind your own business. Pay attention. Contain difficulties within a small sphere. Get smart! Accept responsibility for your mistakes. Be Sensible! For the time being, overcome difficulties by adapting to them. No blame. See how Bees do things. When you find the company you are seeking, introduce yourself with a gift. Great Good Fortune! If you brag about what you are going to do, you probably will never get around to it. Misfortune.

The Lines

Top : After making a complete retreat, think about striking out in a new direction. Be Creative!

5 : See how Bees do things. Polite considerations are expedient, when it is time to end a relationship. Get wise!

4 : It is wise to retreat from negative influences. Good luck.

3 : The Butterfly rides the breeze. When retreat is essential, it may be necessary to cooperate with your adversaries for the time being. Be sensible!

2 : Stick to your goal, and you will attain it. Great Good Fortune.

1 : Do not try anything rash, when you are in a retreat. Be aware!

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Retreat's Circle of Friends

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