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Nora York: "What I Want"

Paul Bennett: Design is in the details

Rives: A mockingbird remix of TED2006

Seth Godin: Sliced bread and other marketing delights

Sheila Patek: Measuring the fastest animal on earth

Susan Savage-Rumbaugh: Apes that write, start fires and play Pac-Man

Thom Mayne: Architecture is a new way to connect to the world

Thomas Dolby & Rachelle Garniez: "La Vie en Rose"

Rev. Tom Honey: How could God have allowed the tsunami?

Vik Muniz: Art with wire, thread, sugar, chocolate

Tibetan Book of The Dead – The Great Liberation – NFB

The Tibetan Book of the Dead The Great Liberation 1994

Classic Blues : Big Bill Broonzy 1

Classic Blues : Big Bill Broonzy 1

Big Bill Broonzy-Key to the Highway

Big Bill Broonzy - Midnight Special

Big Bill Broonzy - Plow Hand Blues

'Black Cat Rag' BIG BILL BROONZY, Ragtime Guitar Legend

Summertime Blues - BIG BILL BROONZY (1947)

Big Bill Broonzy - Banker's Blues

Big Bill Broonzy - Stuff They Call Money

Big Bill Broonzy - Frankie And Johnny

Big Bill Broonzy - "Black , Brown and White "

Big Bill Broonzy - It's a Low Down Dirty Shame

SaturnsLady's BlogSpot Special Edition Three

SaturnsLady's BlogSpot Special Edition Three

SaturnsLady BlogSpot 21

SaturnsLady BlogSpot 22

SaturnsLady BlogSpot 23

SaturnsLady BlogSpot 24

SaturnsLady BlogSpot 25

SaturnsLady BlogSpot 26

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SaturnsLady BlogSpot 28

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Charlie Chan on Broadway - Warner Oland - 1937

Charlie Chan on Broadway - Warner Oland - 1937

The Seeding of the Worlds

Moody Blues - The Word is OM

Lookout Point One

The Seeding of the Worlds

by James Clair Lewis

Given enough TIME, a planet will eventually begin generating life appropriate for the conditions on that world.

Nobody waits around for that. Ten Billion years could go by before anything happened.

So when a planet has settled down enough in its formation process for Life to be seeded there and survive, that is what happens. Later on, more complex life forms are added from time to time. Depending upon the size of the planet, and what sort of Sun it orbits, we might not even recognize what is seeded, and what would develop from that. Even upon very similar worlds, Life will diverge in various ways, depending upon a myriad of factors, and things which might happen during the process.

Each planet is a bit unique in its development, despite the fact that Life was seeded there from time to time over a few billion years. Eventually, Intelligence becomes a possibility.

Our Sun is a third or fourth generation Star. The earliest Stars in our Universe were huge, and went supernova, and from that debris other Stars were formed. It has happened many times in waves. There are intelligent species out there who got an earlier start than we did, and they measure their civilizations in millions of years. Do you seriously think that we could understand much of what they would like to talk about?

We are a young species, barely intelligible, and certainly not Intelligent by InterGalactic standards. They have visited here, and people have tried to worship them as Gods. They were embarrassed by that.

Our solar system is about one third of the way out from the center of our Galaxy, and our orbit takes some 230 million years. This orbit is at a 45 degree angle to the plane of our Galaxy, and at the moment, we are just about at the plane of our Galaxy. In some 40 million years, our solar system will be somewhat above the plane of our Galaxy. Now it just happens, that when you use HyperSpacial travel to hop from one Galaxy to visit another, that the easiest place to slip back into normal space, is somewhat above the plane of that Galaxy, but also fairly near the most populated and civilized zones.

Have I given you an idea of the sort of long range planning that is going on?

Somewhere among the myriad Galaxies inside our Universe at this very moment, there is a Star going SuperNova. From this explosion a Black Hole will be formed, and inside that Black Hole, a new Universe will be created in a Big Bang.

And from this you should be able to figure out the mystery of the creation of our Universe, and the Seeding of the Worlds...

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TEDx Philosophy of Science 8

TEDx Philosophy of Science 8

TEDxLeeds - Charles Cecil- 09/10/09

TEDxLeeds - Clive Grinyer - 09/10/09

TEDxMITClubSingapore - Jeff Murphy - 9/12/09

TEDxMITClubSingapore - Yee Tong - 9/12/09

TEDxMITClubSingapore - Goh Yiping - 9/12/09

TEDxMITClubSingapore - Adrian Yap - 9/12/09

TEDxArt&ScienceLA - Dr. Michael Russell - 10/10/09

TEDxHamilton - Eric Nay - 9/30/09

TEDxHamilton - Peter Ormond - 9/30/09

TEDxHamilton - Pete Czerwinski - 9/30/09

Dark Journey (1937)

Dark Journey (1937)

The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : The Week of Stupidity

An Octopuss's Garden in the Shade

The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar


The Fool stands at the edge of the Abyss

Return to common sense. Remove the Block in your head. Start getting organized. Engage Enthusiasm. Revolutionize your thinking. Employ Leverage.

Decrease youthful folly. Split Apart stupidity. Make Repairs. Bring projects to Completion. Disperse the naysayers. Reward the Army.

Do not give fools authority. Give fools liability.

The Image

Feel what is going on.

Recognize the time for action.

Listen to the words of Dragons.

Study the Ancient Wisdom

The Inside

The Dragon pays attention. When the beginning is correct, what follows moves smoothly. Be sensible. Face danger only when it is necessary. Be Careful. The Dragon stays home. Do not try to force the impossible. Be sensible! The Dragon's attitude draws people together like a magnet. Good Fortune. Fear Nothing! Rely upon your deepest instincts when everything is changing. Supreme good fortune. Consolidate your position after succeeding with leverage, then take a rest. Meditate.

The Outside

Do not accept as a favor what you cannot repay. Be honest. Be aware & flexible, in order to avoid the worst of outcomes. Pay Attention! The Butterfly takes off. Clear up your own affairs. No great blame, just a bit of trouble. Be careful. The Dragon acts without hesitation. Do what you must do, and prepare for the future. No blame. The Bees love order and beauty. Use wisdome to eliminate disunity. Great good fortune! After victory wise leaders should be put into positions of authority. The camp followers should be given a bonus! Be smart.

The Lines

Top : Do not succumb to anger when putting an end to trouble. Get wise!

5 : The Bees love order and beauty. Seek and give advice and assistance with humility. Great Good Fortune.

4 : The Dragon acts without hesitation. When a situation becomes tangled, sometimes it is best to let it run its course. Think.

3 : The Butterfly takes off. Avoid impulsiveness and impulsive people. No blame.

2 : No one has attained Enlightenment without developing a sense of humor. It is easier to alter the course of the Moon, than to explain a simple truth to a fool. Get it.

1 : Stupidity can be corrected by the wise use of discipline. Be careful.

12 through 17 Degrees Pisces

The Fool's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside
The Movement







The Start


The Block



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Merrimack River

10, 928K

Aquaman's BlogSpot 6

Aquaman's BlogSpot 6

Of Wild Things And Rights

A Ripple To A Tsunami

The New Norm

Radioactive Soup

My Positive Attitude

The Ocean, My Sanctuary

Take The Helm

Scars Of The Heart

The One

Aquaculture/Fish Farms, Be Informed!

Tryptamine Hallucinogens & Consciousness

Tryptamine Hallucinogens & Consciousness

The Secret of the Green Man

Devic Realm


The Rooftop Garden

The Secret of the Green Man

A Fable

by James Clair Lewis

No one knew how old the Green Man was. It seems that he had always been around. I remember my Grandfather had told me stories of the Green Man, when I was just a boy, and his Grandfather before him, and his before him, back through the generations. No one knew how far back.

He lived in a valley at the foot of the mountain, and people didn't see much of him. They didn't often seek him out either. He was strange. Strange, but kindly. Mostly people saw him in the Winter. That was when he would show up in the village hauling his long wagon full of fresh vegetables and fruit, which he gave away to everybody. He must have been very strong to haul that long wagon by himself through the snow, but for him it seemed a natural thing. When asked why he didn't have a horse or oxen to haul his wagon, he replied, "Now why would I make one of God's creatures do for me, what I can do so easily for myself?"

We were certain that he didn't eat meat, and as I think of it, I can't recall ever seeing him eat anything. Sometimes he would drink from a well or a stream.

He never seemed to move fast, but creaked along steadily. He was strange to look upon, too. His brown hair was thick and tangled like roots. His beard was the same, hanging down to his waist. His ears seemed to be shaped like leaves, and his skin was tough, like the bark of a tree. He had green eyes, and his skin had a tinge of green to it.

Birds liked the Green Man, flying to him when he called in their languages. Often, one would perch on his shoulder or his head, and sing. They were always around, and he rightly called them his friends

People stayed away from the Green Man, because he was strange, but whenever he asked for anything, people gave it to him without question. It was those loads of fresh fruit and vegetables in the Winter, bushels of oranges, and grapefruit, avocados, bananas, and berries. That made him hard to refuse. How he came to have these things in Winter with a foot or more of snow on the ground, no one knew, and he wouldn't say.

He liked music, so when he brought the fresh Summer produce to town in the snowbound Winter, and gave some away to everybody, the town's musicians would gather, making his appearances quite a festive occasion.

It was in the Spring that he came to our farm which was nearest to his valley, and spoke to me.

"Little sprout, come here. I want you to see something."

I was 14 and really didn't like to be called a little sprout, but he didn't make it sound bad, so I followed him, after telling my mother where I would be. We hiked up the trail to the mountain, and stopped in the valley where he lived.

"This will take awhile," he said, "So tonight you will sleep in my house." I looked around, and saw nothing but woods, and the side of the hill.

"Where?", I asked.

"Look more closely, little sprout", he replied, and pointed to some rocks in the side of the hill.

I walked over, and found that it wasn't a mere pile of rocks. They had been fitted together carefully with an opening that led to a room. I stepped inside and found a rather cosy place : a bed, a table with chairs, an oil lamp, books on a shelf, a chest of drawers, and some musical instruments, flutes, panpipes, a guitar, and a fiddle. These things had been given to the Green Man by the people in the village. Far in the back of the room was an opening to a cave, and from there I could hear a stream flowing from inside the mountain.

"You'll be comfortable in here tonight. Now come with me. I want to show you something."

The Green Man led me from his house to a clearing, "Now tell me. What do you see?"

I looked around, but saw nothing unusual. Then the Green Man whistled a bird trill, and a Meadowlark responded, perching in a tree. Now this is the part that is strange. I could see the bird perched just a few feet above me, but I couldn't see what it was perched upon. It seemed that the bird had perched in midair.

"Do you see the Tree?", he asked?

"No. but I see the bird", I replied.

"Look on the ground then, and tell me what you see."

I looked on the ground, and saw it, a faint outline of the shadow of a tree, "How is this possible? I see a shadow, but I don't see a tree!"

The Green Man laughed, "Then you've seen plenty, haven't you, little sprout?"

It was getting towards evening, and the Green Man took me back to his house inside the hill. Along the way, he borrowed my hat, and every so often he would pick a vegetable or a piece of fruit, and place it inside my hat. And this was strange, too, because before he picked the veggies and fruits, they hadn't seemed to be there.

"Raw food, little sprout. The best there is in all of the wonderful Green Earth. Make you strong, and with the right herbs, you'll never get sick"

The Green Man left me in his house, "You have food, water, books, and musical instruments. Stay up as long as you like. I have things to attend to outside."

I ate my supper of fresh veggies, and fruits. Then I picked up one of the flutes, and began playing some tunes I knew. It soon got dark, and I began to wonder what the Green Man was doing. There was a Moon that night, so I could see well enough. I went out, and made my way to the clearing where grew the Tree I couldn't see.

There I saw the Green Man standing, his feet buried up to his ankles in the ground, and his arms raised up, gazing raptly at the Moon. I decided not to disturb him, or to ask any questions. He wasn't big on answering questions anyway.

In the morning the Green Man brought me a breakfast of cress and other leafy greens, "Take these two sachets home to your parents to make tea. This one is for your father, and that one is for your mother. Don't get them switched." That was another thing about the Green Man. He knew the herbs and roots. Whenever someone in the village took sick, the Green Man would show up with something which would cure the malady. When a woman was having a difficult birth, he would appear, and play his fiddle outside. For some reason that always helped. Babies were never born dead or crippled in our village, and women never died in childbirth. Often they said it didn't hurt at all.

When asked how he knew when to come, his only reply was that a little bird told him.

It was seven years later that the Green Man came for me again, "It's time, young sprout. I need you to see something."

We walked the trail back up into the hills where he lived, and entered the clearing, where that invisible tree grew. I looked at the ground and this time the shadow of the tree was clearly visible, so I told him so.

"This is good. Do you see the shadow of the tree's fruit there?", he asked.

"I do," I replied, "Do you want me to reach up and pick it?"

"That would be about right, young sprout"

So I reached up to where the fruit ought to be, and picked it. Now just as I picked this fruit, it became visible to me, a lovely Golden Apple.

"Eat it, and then I will tell you something." The Green Man smiled.

As I ate the Golden Apple, the tree became visible to me. Its leaves were silver, and its blossoms were a rainbow of colors. The tree held many Golden Apples in its boughs.

"I am going to die tonight, as it should be, under a bright Full Moon. In the morning, you will know what to do."

"Are you sure?, "I asked. "I will miss you. Everyone in town will miss you. You have always been our friend."

"Don't you worry about that, young sprout. I am old. Very old. It is my time to ascend, is all, and you will understand everything soon enough."

I slept fitfully in the Green Man's stone house that night. In the morning, I went to the clearing, and found the Green Man standing with his feet buried to his ankles in the ground. He had grown tall during the night, nearly 16 feet, and silver leaves were sprouting from his body and several new limbs. A rainbow hued flower blossomed from the top of his head, just as the Sun rose.

A herd of deer gathered, as did a bear, a mountain lion, raccoons, squirrels, and rabbits. Birds were everywhere, and bees were collecting pollen from his blossom.

"Does it hurt?" I asked."

"Not at all," he replied, "Although the bees do tickle."

"And what will happen now?" I asked.

"I will ascend to a higher realm of life, and the Tree will grow, though it will be a long time before anyone but you, can see it. It is a wonderful life, a very long one, and you won't be lacking for friends. Just look around."

Those were his last words. The sun shone brightly in the valley that morning, and off into the forest I could see other silver leafed trees here and there, going back deeper and deeper into the woods. Each of the forest creatures came to me then, and made a bow before departing.

As I ate another Golden Apple, I began to understand many things. I could look at a plant, and it would grow fruit within a few seconds. The songs of birds were now easy to understand, as were all the voices of the forest.

Now that all happened a long time ago. I forget how long. At least 1000 years, probably more. It's not important. What is important, is that I feel my time coming. I will leave my body, and Ascend to a higher Realm. There is a boy in the village who seems to know things. I think I will pay him a visit.

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The Secret of the Green Man

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Frans Lanting: A lyrical view of life on Earth

Sergey Brin and Larry Page: Inside the Google machine

Golan Levin: The truly soft side of software

James Watson: The double helix and today's DNA mysteries

Jane Goodall: What separates us from the apes?

Jeff Bezos: After the gold rush, there's innovation ahead

Jill Sobule: A happy song about global warming

Juan Enriquez: Decoding the future with genomics

Nick Bostrom: Humanity's biggest problems aren't what you think they are

James Howard Kunstler: The tragedy of suburbia

Charlie Chan and the Scarlet Clue Sidney Toler - 1945

Charlie Chan and the Scarlet Clue Sidney Toler - 1945

Psychedelic Rock : The Mothers of Invention 1

Psychedelic Rock : The Mothers of Invention 1

Frank Zappa - Who Are The Brain Police 1966

Frank Zappa - It Can´t Happen Here 1966

Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention - "Help! I'm A Rock"


Frank Zappa & The Mothers - Plastic People - 1968, Denver (audio)

Frank Zappa - We´re Only In It For The Money [Demo Acetate 1967] Parte1

Lumpy Gravy part 1 Frank zappa

Lumpy Gravy part 2 Frank zappa

The Mothers Of Invention - Live In London 1968

Frank Zappa - Let's Make The Water Turn Black

SaturnsLady's BlogSpot 33

SaturnsLady's BlogSpot 33

Can You Hear Your Angels?

Life Loves You!

Gratitude When Life’s a Train Wreck?

Using Animal Energies to Enhance Your Life

Moving from Dense Energy to High Energy

Reduce Stress by Surrounding Yourself with Positive Energy

How an Outer-Body Experience can Change the Way One Lives

How to Deal with Jealousy

Positive Healing Energy

Looking for Love