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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Week of the Pot

The Pot 29 The Gaian Dragon I Ching

The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar

#29 : The Pot

Gather your friends around the pot

Have faith in your abilities. Respect your Family. Expect Changes. Fit into the pattern. Prepare before you Start. Be aware of your Conduct

Plan upon creating Success. Make the journey. Understand the processes Before Completion. Fix what is broken. Attend Meetings. Be steadfast and consistent

The Pot is a Healer

The Image

Spread across the Earth

Implement plans

Understand prevailing attitudes

Illuminate the sky

The Inside

Do not begin before you are ready. Be careful. Success comes from fostering harmony in the family, not from making quarrels. Good luck. Make changes only when necessary. Be Aware. If you have been conscientious about your work, it will be alright to push your own cause. No Blame. Be patient, & you will gradually eliminate difficulties. Pay attention. Judge yourself objectively by the results of your actions. Supreme Good Fortune.

The Outside

Avoid evil people. Assume nothing about the future. No blame. Bees can be friendly. A modest traveler will find friends, and whatever else is needed. Good Fortune. The Dragon is flexible. Get your friends to help you into a new situation. Good Luck. The Butterfly explores the world. If you let it sit forever, it will rot. Be Aware. A wise leader earns respect & cooperation by being fair as well as firm. Great Good Fortune. Patience is a source of Power. Get Smart.

The Lines

Top : The pot provides satisfaction. Impart truth with gentleness to those seeking Wisdom. Be real.

5 : The pot is golden. A reasonable attitude encourages cooperation. Be kind.

4 : The Butterfly explores the world. Do not spill the pot. Carelessness and laziness bring misfortune. Watch out!

3 : The Dragon is invisible. Concentrate upon your real work in private. No blame.

2 : Bees can be friendly. Strive to produce a quality product, but do not talk a lot about it. Pay attention!

1 : Before you can use the pot, it must be cleaned. Be sensible.

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The Pot's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside



The Start









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