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The Three Elements of Healing

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The Three Elements of Healing

by James Clair Lewis

There are three elements of Spiritual Healing, and all three must be present & active, or no healing can take place.

The first is the patient. The patient must ask for help. Moreover, the patient must have faith that healing can take place, and that they deserve to be in health. A patient who considers himself to be unworthy, will block the channel, and not be able to recieve the healing.

The next element is the healer. The healer must know the techniques, and understand the condition manefesting in the patient. Then, the healer will know what needs to be done, and direct the energy towards the result.

The third element is the Divine. All energies proceed from the Divine, which is constantly seeking expression in the Material World. When you turn on a light switch, the light goes on, but you do not claim to be lighting the room yourself. The energy is doing that, and all you have done, is to initate the possibility. It is the same with healing. The techniques we employ initiate the process, but it is the Divine Healing energy that actually does the work. Always give the Divine full credit for what happens.

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