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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Week of The Well

Waist Deep in the Big Muddy

The Gaian Draon I Ching Calendar

#26 : The Well

The Well nourishes everyone

Be available. Do not become a hinderance. Get rid of negative attitudes. Meditate regularly. Assume responsibility. Be Approachable

Do not give up before you even start. Clear the air. Make things plain. Display Character. Stick with the program. Flow like the Wind

Enable Kindness

The Image

Spread across the Earth

Rise to the occasion

Understand your motives

Express Love

The Inside

The Dragon remains calm. Do not aggravate the situation. Think! The Bees are cooperative. When the causes of separation lie within yourself, dissolve the narrow thinking which perpetuates the problem. Get wise! Do not depend upon illusions for support. Misfortune. It is wise to retreat from negative influences. Good luck. Strive always to be just & fair, and remember that you are responsible for the results. Be Realistic! Supreme Good Fortune comes, when the Sage approaches the Seeker. Be Kind!

The Outside

Persevere in creative projects for as long as the situation allows. Follow the Path of Truth. Be real. Be sensible. Face danger only when it is necessary. Be Careful. The Butterfly looks around. You must choose between a creative or a destructive way of life before moving on. Be aware! Everything will come together, if you will only put out an honest effort. Great Good Fortune! The Bees are persistent. Do not become intoxicated by success. Maintain the methods, organization & discpline that put you where you are. Think! Do not openly attack evil, when you are vulnerable, & lack influence. Danger!

The Lines

Top : The Wisdom of a Sage is available to all. Good Fortune grows as people make use of it. Learn something!

5 : The Bees are persistent. Listen, and you will find a constant Spring of Wisdom. Pay Attention!

4 : Be a Hermit, until you can organize your life & clear your Mind. No Blame.

3 : The Butterfly looks around. Persevere on the Path, despite a lack of recognition or encouragement. Look ahead.

2 : Talents & Gifts of the Mind have value only when they are used. Be Bold!

1 : Your life will have no value, if you give up without trying. Misfortune.

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The Well's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside
The Gentle


The Push

Bite Me!





The Block




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