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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Week of Peace

give peace a chance

And give Peas a chance, too!

The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar

#56 : Peace

Peace is the effort, and the movement towards rest, and stability

Exercise Self-Control. Do not get in your own way. Own up to your mistakes. Be a Light in the world. Relax : Be persistent, not stubborn. Wage Peace by not making Trouble

Assume that things will work out. Recognize Adversity when it appears. Approach life with honesty. Use Power to create Peace. Wait for everything to come together. Restrain troublemakers

Peace is a goal, not an end

The Image

Make things happen

Rise to the occasion

Avoid rigidity

Follow the Way of Nature

The Inside

Fit into the situation by accepting things as they are. Good Fortune. Wait and endure trouble until people come to their senses. No Blame. Accept responsibility for your mistakes. Be Sensible! The Butterfly lands on a flower. Be Aware : What comes easily, can be lost quickly. Misfortune! Make certain that you really have things all sown up. Be careful! The Butterfly sees in all directions. The Bees can sting. Trouble captures those who refuse to see what is happening. Misfortune!

The Outside

The Bees keep busy. Courage enough to try, is all you need to begin with. Do Something! Concentrate upon recovery, and save what you can, after an unexpected accident. No blame. Do not relax and allow things to fall apart by becoming too comfortable. Pay Attention. The Butterfly joins the party. Explain your position with sincerity and discretion. Good Luck. Learn to enjoy the company of friends in difficult times. Good Fortune. The Bees live within the Cycle of Life. Through restraint the Wise create order and harmony in the world. Success!

The Lines

Top : The Butterfly shows the way. The Bees live within the Cycle of Life. Do not start a fight, when your defenses are down. Make secure the friendships that you have instead. No blame.

5 : The Butterfly makes things complete. It is wise to unify forces in serving the common good. Supreme Good Fortune.

4 : The Butterfly joins the party. In a time of Peace social distinctions are relaxed, and people mingle freely. Great Good Fortune.

3 : The Butterfly rides the breeze. Do not allow yourself to be swayed by the normal ups and downs of Life. Meditate.

2 : The Butterfly understands joy. Maintain Peace by working with people, rather than by competing with them. Pay attention.

1 : The Butterfly gets things started. The Bees keep busy. You need people who can work together in order to begin a new project. Be Aware.

Notes : The Butterfly sees in all directions. The Bees can sting.

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Peace's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside










The Push


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