Monday, May 8, 2017

The Gaian Dragon I Ching : The Week of Gathering

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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar

For large projects, you need teamwork

Prepare yourself. Be Approachable. Make certain. Clear your thinking. Restrain egoism. Think Abundantly.

Follow through. Resist Oppression. Use your Influence. Express Love. Be Enthusiastic. Deal with the problem

Unite the Community

The Image

Accept the world as it is

Think about your attitudes

Expand your horizons

Be gracious

The Inside

Be very careful when you are alone on the path of life. Be aware. Success! Make commitments with those who will fulfill their agreements. Be Aware. The Bees see what is there. Whenever possible, make full use of the opportunities available to you. Be Creative! The Bees are prepared for anything. Take the long view, & sacrifice the short-term goal in order to attain something more important. Look ahead. The Bees understand the Pattern. Control the situation by going to the heart of the matter. Good fortune. Be a voice for the Bees. The Butterfly changes the world. A dominating, greedy ruler will alienate the people, and ruin everything. Misfortune!

The Outside

The Butterfly loves Beauty. The Bees love honesty. Be aware of all opinions, and able to deal with all kinds of people. Be sensible. The Community needs peace. Do not give up easily or yield yourself to boredom. Grow up! The Community needs harmony. Do not allow your emotions to dominate your activities. Think! The Community needs character. It is important to show people that you care about them! Good luck. The Community needs virtue. Concentrate on your work, if you want to succeed. Good Luck! The Community needs to be heard. Persevere on the Path. Work is necessary to attain peace. Great Good Fortune.

The Lines

Top : Hear the Bees. The Butterfly arrives. Listen to what people say, so that you will know what needs to be done. Pay Attention!

5 : The Bees love virtue. Win confidence through dedication to your principles. Look Ahead!

4 : The Bees have character. Win confidence through your dedication to work. Be creative.

3 : The Bees love harmony. When you are having difficulty making friends with a group of people, cultivate their leader. No Blame.

2 : The Bees love peace. It is most easy to break the ice with a gift after an argument. Be sensible.

1 : The Bees love honesty. The Butterfly loves Beauty. When you are sincere, gathering together is as simple as a handshake. Great Good Fortune!

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Gathering's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside







The Push





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