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The Gaian Dragon I Ching : The Month of Breakthrough

Breakthrough 62 The Gaian Dragon I Ching

The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar

#62 : Breakthrough

The Breakthrough is the turning point of change

Be Creative. Understand good Conduct. Be open to Meeting. Love your Family. Rid yourself of negative thinking. Be a source of Deliverance

Express Character. Make Changes happen. Generate Happiness. Do things while Waiting. Use your Power. Work!

Just do it!

The Image

Make things happen

Rise to the occasion

Understand prevailing attitudes

Be gracious

The Inside

Wait while the Dragon sleeps. Before you begin, meditate, and form a clear plan of action. Think. Persevere on your tasks. Maintain a low profile. Good Fortune. Everything falls apart! Do not proceed against reason! Misfortune! Great Good Fortune comes from fulfilling your duties in the family. Be real. Strive to be the center of union, when everything is splitting apart. Good Luck! Do your best! The Dragon is prepared in advance, and therefore fears nothing. Give it a shot. Go for it!

The Outside

Use extreme care in the making of plans. Be Aware. When the time comes, mobilize your forces for action. Be Aware! Superficial joy brings nothing but misfortune. Be real. Pay attention to advice, and you will not be isolated in the midst of struggle. Strive for clarity. Think! A cooperative arrangement is beneficial to all concerned. Great Good Fortune. The evil dragon flies towards disaster! Destruction awaits those who misuse their power. Misfortune!

The Lines

Top : The Dragon slays the serpent. Resolutely confront and discredit negative influences to prevent problems in the future. No Blame.

5 : Be firm and resolute, when disassociating yourself from negative influences. Be Real!

4 : The Wise listen to advice. A fool cannot learn anything from anyone. Think!

3 : Keep silent and follow your chosen course. Difficulties, but no blame.

2 : Calmly assume responsibility in the time of crisis. Be Aware.

1 : Do not begin before you are ready. Be careful.

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The Five Weeks of Breakthrough

Breakthrough : 0 through 5 Degrees

Power : 6 through 11 Degrees

The Pot : 12 through 17 Degrees

Success : 18 through 23 Degrees

Endurance : 24 through 29 Degrees

Breakthrough's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside












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