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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Week of Conduct

Accentuate the Positive - Bette Midler & Bing Crosby

The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar

#55 : Conduct

Proper conduct achieves results without doing harm.

Assume responsibility. Keep the goal in mind. Adjust your thinking to match the situation. Be prepared to Start. Cultivate Modesty. Share your insight

Recognize potential Conflicts. Be free of blame. Do the Work. Demonstrate honesty. Overcome Opposition. Spread Happiness

Proper Conduct encourages cooperation

The Image

Embrace the Earth

Strive for clarity

Expand your horizons

Become the Spiritual Light

The Inside

Maintain harmony by adhering to family organization and discipline. Be aware. Calmly assume responsibility in the midst of crisis. Be Aware. Do not underestimate your opposition, or overestimate your strength. Be Aware. The car breaks down. If you can find another vehicle, you can get things done anyway. Think! Do not talk about how great you are. Don't you have something to do? Get real! The pot provides satisfaction. Impart truth with gentleness to those seeking Wisdom. Be real.

The Outside

Do not bother to argue over small matters. Grow up! The Bees work. Do not count upon the success of all of your projects. Do the best you can anyway. Good luck. The Dragon breathes fire. Work hard, but do not exhaust yourself. Be reasonable. Restrain trouble by stalling and delaying it. Be Aware. Strive to communicate. Do not allow opposition to blind your judgement. Great Good Fortune. Do not abandon yourself to the exclusive pursuit of pleasure. Misfortune.

The Lines

Top : Judge yourself objectively by the results of your actions. Supreme Good Fortune.

5 : Assume responsibility before you take action. Good luck.

4 : Face danger when duty calls. Keep well informed, and prepared at all times. Be careful.

3 : The Dragon makes no mistakes. Do not challenge fate in combat, unless you have no choise. Think!

2 : The Bees work. Persevere on your tasks. Maintain a low profile. Good Fortune.

1 : Do your own thing, and mind your own business. Pay attention.

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Conduct's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside

The Pot




The Start







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