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Spell for a Perfect Ordinary Day

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Spell for a Perfect Ordinary Day

by James Clair Lewis

At first glance, this might not seem to be High Magick, but after you think about it, I'm sure that you will see that it is. Now my orientation is New Age, & I've been practicing the Occult for a long time, so if you are Wiccan, you will need to make a few minor adjustments to fit this in with your own way of Practice. Basicly, I'm going to give you the Principle, and you will work it out from there.

The ordinary is actually quite extrordinary, even miraculous, when you examine it closely. So a spell for a Perfect Ordinary day, is to create something that is quite profound. Before you go to sleep, take the time to visualize a perfect ordinary day to come. It will be a day in which, all of your regular tasks move smoothly & get done easily. It will be a day in which the unexpected thing that crops up, will not throw you off your schedule, or put you in a quandry as to what you must do. The perfect ordinary day, will include one pleasant surprize, and also, allow you time to reflect, study, & practice.

It is a very low-key thing, but it contains great power. The serenity of a perfect ordinary day, will carry you through many difficult days. And once you have experienced one perfect ordinary day, you will know how to orient your mind to create many more perfect ordinary days in the future. And when you can do that regularly, then you will have established the ground for the days when you will realize the most profound insights that anyone could hope to comprehend.

So Mote It Be!

These animated Moving Mandalas are very large files. Please click on the pic, and wait for it to load. The Contemplation will be very enabling, carrying your Mind beyond the mundane world

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