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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Week of Revolution

Revolution - The Beatles

The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar

#46 : Revolution

Change is the Way of Nature

Meet change within yourself. Understand your own Opposition to change. Regard other people's ideas. Adjust your thinking. Don't be Stupid. Think positively

Use Influence judiciously. Assume responsibility. Generate a Following. Organize before you implement. Put resources to work. Do not step on your Friends

Change is both internal and external

The Image

Light up the Earth

Know your own feelings

Employ Imagination

Be Gracious

The Inside

Use extreme care in the making of plans. Be Aware. Unite people who share common goals. Be Aware. The Dragon is invisible. Concentrate upon your real work in private. No blame. The Dragon makes no mistake. Explain your position with sincerity and discretion. Good Luck. Seek and give advice and assistance with humility. Great Good Fortune. The situation is not what you thought it was, & it is time to change your plans! Misfortune.

The Outside

An idea must be acted upon, if there is to be any effect. Be creative! Calmly assume responsibility in the time of crisis. Be Aware. The Butterfly plays with its friends. Attach yourself to people who will stimulate your growth as your life evolves. No blame. The Dragon remains cautious and thorough. A great deal of trouble could be avoided, if you would only learn from mistakes. Pay attention. Praise the Bees. A good ruler will employ the wisest minds within the empire. Great Good Fortune. There is no blame in being friendly with your neighbors, if you mind your own business. Pay Attention.

The Lines

Top : Do not expect people to fully understand, and adapt to change. Realize how much can be accomplished now, and make plans for the Future. Get Wise!

5 : Praise the Bees. Rely upon your deepest Intuition, when everything is changing. Supreme Good Fortune!

4 : The Dragon's point of view is universal, and therefore clear to all. Radical changes succeed only when based solidly upon Truth. Be Real!

3 : The Butterfly plays with its friends. Make changes only when neccessary. Good Luck!

2 : When the time comes, mobilize your forces for action. Be Aware!

1 : Plan the Revolution very carefully. Think!

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Revolution's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside







The Pot





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