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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Month of Providing

Grooving along the Sweet Spot of Chaos

The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar

#33 : Providing

0 through 29 Degrees Aquarius

Be the Source of Nourishment

See what is needed. Understand the Dangers. Seek to Provide. Exercise Control. Develop Character. Work Gradually.

Recognize divisions. Decrease imbalances. Proceed with Grace. Make your move. Bring Increase to all. Make a completed circuit.

Providing Nourishment must be sustainable.

The Image

Lightning strikes!

Know the desires of your heart.

Listen to the words of Dragons.

Study the Ancient Wisdom

The Inside

The Dragon depends upon foresight. A hidden defect can doom a project to failure. Be careful.The Butterfly stretches its wings. Employ restraint in using indirect methods, or in playing one faction against another. Be careful! Do not be possessed by selfish desires. Be generous. Wait for the right situation to develop. Good luck. Maintain friendly relations with all kinds of people. No blame, and no praise either... Genius emanates from the Cosmic Mind, and its influence benefits everyone. Supreme Good Fortune!

The Outside

Wait & be aware! Stall until you can locate & understand the problem. Be sensible! Rely upon and protect your personal resources and knowledge. Get wise. Do not make a habit of indulgence. Misfortune. Be resolute and certain that you are prepared for what you must do. Be Together! Follow The Path by making Kindness a habit. Supreme Good Fortune! Do not fail to come to terms. Come Clean!

The Lines

Top : It is the duty of the Wise to make knowledge available only to those who seek it with sincerity and respect. Be Aware!

5 : Seek Wisdom with Humility when you hold a responsible position. Be sensible. Do not use force!

4 : Pay attention. Use objectivity in the selection of assistants. No blame.

3 : Do not be possessed by selfish desires. Be generous.

2 : Carry your own weight. Do not attach yourself to people simply because of what they can give you. Be Responsible!

1 : Greed is not becoming upon one who seeks respect. Misfortune!

Notes : The Dragon uses foresight. The Bees stay inside the hive. The Butterfly emerges from its cocoon.

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Nourishment's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside




Bite Me!






The Split


The Five Weeks of Providing Nourishment

Providing : 0 through 5 Degrees

Limitation : 6 through 11 Degrees

Trouble : 12 through 17 Degrees

Dispersion : 18 through 23 Degrees

Inner Truth : 24 through 29 Degrees

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