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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Week of Limitation

Thought Stream

The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar

#50 : Limitation

6 through 11 Degrees Aquarius

Limitation generates focus

Be confident that you can Provide. Overcome Depression by working. Disperse selfish motivations. Retain your Innocence. Travel with imagination. Push for something greater than yourself.

Be ready for Trouble. Start working on your project. Wait for the right moment to move. Try to make people Happy. Approach people who can help. Stick with the Truth.

Work within Limitations to get past them.

The Image

Embrace the Earth.

Recognize the moment.

Be Logical.

Express Love

The Inside

Greed is not becoming upon one who seeks respect. Misfortune! Do not give up easily or yield yourself to boredom. Grow up! The Bees work for the Colony. Replace personal motivations with universal ones. Supreme Good Fortune! The Bees do not give up. Stay on The Path. Nothing that you really need can ever be taken from you. Look ahead! See how Bees do things. When you find the company you are seeking, introduce yourself with a gift. Great Good Fortune! The Bees are realistic. Do not expect to have your own way all of the time. Grow up!

The Outside

The Butterfly emerges from its cocoon. The Bees stay inside the hive. Do not make a habit of expecting everything to go wrong. Think! Think and wait. Do not accept help from your adversary. Be aware. Do not act rashly. Exercise caution, and you can still save the situation. Be Aware. It is difficult to choose the good after having tasted evil. Good luck. Recruit people of proven ability, and allow them to organize within their fields without interference. Be Wise. The Wise embody their ideals. A fanatic can only parrot ideas and beliefs. Be Real.

The Lines

Top : The Bees mind their own business. You may need to impose limitations upon yourself, but you will provoke resistance, if you force them upon others. Be Aware.

5 : The Bees are always around. A good example communicates through its presence, rather than through admonitions. Be real.

4 : The Bees adapt to the situation. Flow with the current to get into the correct position. Relax.

3 : The Bees save for the future. Budget your resources or you will experience blame. Think.

2 : The Bees go out to forage. Do not wait any longer. Go for it!

1 : The Bees stay inside the hive. The Butterfly emerges from its cocoon. Concentrate upon internal work, because there are days when it would be better not to get out of bed at all. Meditate.

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Limitation's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside

The Push







The Start




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