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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Month of Control

With God on Our Side

The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar

#52 : Control

External control in the world will go awry, when not matched with internal control of selfish desire.

Meditate. Hold onto a Universal perspective. Proceed step by step. Provide just what is needed. Gradually exert Control. Examine Character

Deliver what you promise. Draw a line. Exert Power. Make the Approach. Enable Happiness. Resolve Opposition

The more you try to control things, the more they get out of control

The Image

Embrace the Earth.

Strive for clarity.

Speak your Mind.

Learn to change.

The Inside

The Dragon rests. If everything is organized, this represents only a minor setback. Get Wise. The Butterfly finds pollen and nectar. Realize that you cannot mix good and bad company with any hope of success. Get Wise! Do not quarrel. State your case, and let things develop naturally. Pay attention. Pay attention. Use objectivity in the selection of assistants. No blame. Let the strength of your character speak for you, and do not believe everything that you see or hear. Be Real! It is easier to say you are sorry, than to ask for permission. Face disaster with clarity and courage. No blame.

The Outside

Recognize a good thing when you have it! Pay Attention! Do not be decieved by appearances. Be patient, and good fortune wull return. Look ahead. The fool depends upon force. The Wise cultivate equilibrium. Meditate. Evaluate people objectively on the basis of what they do. No Blame. Avoid evil people, and their influences. Be Aware. Try to resolve tensions after an argument. Good Fortune.

The Lines

Top : Be Aware : No good will come from simply going through the motions. Misfortune.

5 : Control the situation by accepting things as they are. Good Fortune.

4 : Wait for the right situation to develop. Good Luck.

3 : Do not lose control by selling yourself short. Be confident!

2 : In a difficult situation it is advantageous to pretend that you do not see everything that is going on. Play dumb!

1 : Fit into the situation by accepting things as they are. Good Fortune.

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Control's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside












The Five Weeks of Control

Control : 0 through 5 Degrees

The Push : 6 through 11 Degrees

Repair : 12 through 17 Degrees

Restraint : 18 through 23 Degrees

Peace : 24 through 29 Degrees

These animated Moving Mandalas are very large files. Please click on the pic, and wait for it to load. The Contemplation will be very enabling, carrying your Mind beyond the mundane world

Flowering Weed

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