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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Week of the Push

David Bowie - Heroes @ Concert For New York City

The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar

#24 : The Push

Initiative is required

Control your desires. Contemplate what needs to happen. Get yourself together. Consider your methods. Make adjustments. Understand Limitations

Push for Peace. Lead through example. Seize the time! Focus upon what Endures. Be the Well people drink from. Fix what is broken

Don't talk about it : Do it!

The Image

Spread across the Earth

Rise to the occasion

Avoid rigidity

Follow the Way of Nature.

The Inside

Fit into the situation by accepting things as they are. Good Fortune. Contemplate the letter of the law, when dealing with bureaucrats to smoothly accomplish your goals. Pay Attention! The Bees love harmony. When you are having difficulty making friends with a group of people, cultivate their leader. No Blame. Respect the Bees. Be thrifty, conscientious, and aware of what is going on. Be Sensible! The Bees relate to what is happening. If you didn't break it, you don't have to fix it. No blame. The Bees mind their own business. You may need to impose limitations upon yourself, but you will provoke resistance, if you force them upon others. Be Aware.

The Outside

The Butterfly gets things started. The Bees keep busy. You need people who can work together in order to begin a new project. Be Aware. Always speak the truth & your reliability will become well known. Be Real. Followers must not try to lead in a military situation. Be aware! The right method is more important than dogged persistence. Think! Listen, & you will find a constant spring of wisdom. Pay Attention! The Butterfly changes everything. Withdraw from society when you want to pursue Spiritual goals. No blame.

The Lines

Top : The Bees are realistic. The Butterfly changes everything. Do not expect to have your own way all of the time. Grow up!

5 : The Bees are persistent. Do not become intoxicated by success. Maintain the methods, organization & discipline that put you where you are. Think!

4 : The Bees enjoy working. Dedication to your work, will eventually lead to recognition. Fear Nothing!

3 : The Bees see what is there. Whenever possible, make full use of the opportunities available. Be Creative!

2 : The Bees are practical. Content is more important than form. Great Good Fortune!

1 : The Bees keep busy. The Butterfly gets things started. Courage enough to try, is all you need to begin with. Do Something!

Note : The Bees mind their own business.

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Pushing Upward's Circle of Friends

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The Well




The Movement






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Fractal Flower

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