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The Power of the Individual

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The Road to Mecca

The Power of the Individual

by James Clair Lewis

When I was 14 in 1965, VicePresident Hubert Humphrey spoke at the University of Santa Clara campus, so I walked over to hear what he had to say. I applauded his statements on Civil Rights, and Great Society programs. Then, he began speaking in favor of the VietNam War. That is when I jumped up on my chair & called him a murderer. News crews turned cameras on me, and the Secret Service hustled me out of there. I was not arrested, because they didn't want the bad press.

Many years later, Hubert Humphrey was interviewed, & asked what had changed his mind about VietNam. He related what had happened at the University of Santa Clara in 1965. He said, "When I heard that, I knew there was something very wrong with that war".

I've always heard people say that "You can't make a difference. You can't change the system." Well, I know that I did make a difference. I changed the Vice President's mind about an important foreign policy issue. AND, that was at the very beginning of the Anti-War Movement, back in 1965, before they were even calling it the Anti-War Movement. So I want people to know just how much power we really do have. If people will just stand up, and speak their minds, they can change the world. Courage to do what is right, when it needs doing, is all we need, to take control of the system, and make it what it ought to be.

I understand that an individual can feel thwarted, overwhelmed by the System, and small. BUT, when you step outside yourself, & your personal life, and look at the Big Picture, you gain great power. Consider the possibilities, if we all took that step. It doesn't even take that many people at the forefront. We have the power to make this world anything we want it to be. We can have Liberty. We can have Prosperity. We can have Freedom. We can have Justice. We can have a system that brings out the best in every person. We can have a system that works for the betterment of every person in the entire Society.

All we need do, is to demand it. It is our right, and we do have the power to make it happen. Pay no attention to the dream killers. They are small people, afraid of their own dreams, petty, & cowardly. We are greater than that. Every single one of us, is greater than that. Step outside of yourself, and recognize the greatness that is within you. When you see that greatness, you will know your power. Take it. Use it. Be what you were intended to be, instead of a shallow copy. Embrace your Vision, and make it happen!

This is the message that Tyrants all throughout history have feared the most. Tyrants can only have power, when people give it to them. When people believe that they are insignificant, they become insignificant. When people believe that they are great, they become great. When people step outside of themselves, and recognize their power, they become powerful. Once this begins, it cannot be stopped.

Each of us has these resources within. They need only be recognized, and put into action. Everyone who has done some brave thing in their life, has already had a taste of the freedom that comes, when you recognize your true worth, and your true power. The world lies before us, and we can make of it, anything that we desire. All that is required, is that we recognize this, and then proceed to make our dreams of Liberty & Justice, more than mere dreams. Courage to see how things could be, and then using the power of your imagination to make those things happen, is what tyrants fear most, and is the Key to Freedom.

I believe we have some work to do...

This is what we need to realize in order to take our power back. This is what we need to realize, if we desire to live with Liberty, Peace & Prosperity.

All you need is Vision, and the Courage to pursue it.

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