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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : The Week of Stupidity

An Octopuss's Garden in the Shade

The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar


The Fool stands at the edge of the Abyss

Return to common sense. Remove the Block in your head. Start getting organized. Engage Enthusiasm. Revolutionize your thinking. Employ Leverage.

Decrease youthful folly. Split Apart stupidity. Make Repairs. Bring projects to Completion. Disperse the naysayers. Reward the Army.

Do not give fools authority. Give fools liability.

The Image

Feel what is going on.

Recognize the time for action.

Listen to the words of Dragons.

Study the Ancient Wisdom

The Inside

The Dragon pays attention. When the beginning is correct, what follows moves smoothly. Be sensible. Face danger only when it is necessary. Be Careful. The Dragon stays home. Do not try to force the impossible. Be sensible! The Dragon's attitude draws people together like a magnet. Good Fortune. Fear Nothing! Rely upon your deepest instincts when everything is changing. Supreme good fortune. Consolidate your position after succeeding with leverage, then take a rest. Meditate.

The Outside

Do not accept as a favor what you cannot repay. Be honest. Be aware & flexible, in order to avoid the worst of outcomes. Pay Attention! The Butterfly takes off. Clear up your own affairs. No great blame, just a bit of trouble. Be careful. The Dragon acts without hesitation. Do what you must do, and prepare for the future. No blame. The Bees love order and beauty. Use wisdome to eliminate disunity. Great good fortune! After victory wise leaders should be put into positions of authority. The camp followers should be given a bonus! Be smart.

The Lines

Top : Do not succumb to anger when putting an end to trouble. Get wise!

5 : The Bees love order and beauty. Seek and give advice and assistance with humility. Great Good Fortune.

4 : The Dragon acts without hesitation. When a situation becomes tangled, sometimes it is best to let it run its course. Think.

3 : The Butterfly takes off. Avoid impulsiveness and impulsive people. No blame.

2 : No one has attained Enlightenment without developing a sense of humor. It is easier to alter the course of the Moon, than to explain a simple truth to a fool. Get it.

1 : Stupidity can be corrected by the wise use of discipline. Be careful.

12 through 17 Degrees Pisces

The Fool's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside
The Movement







The Start


The Block



These animated Moving Mandalas are very large files. Please click on the pic, and wait for it to load. The Contemplation will be very enabling, carrying your Mind beyond the mundane world...

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