Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Power Trip

Jean Sibelius - Finlandia

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The Power Trip

by James Clair Lewis

People who do not have power over their own selfish desires, feel the lack within themselves, which they try to satisfy by obtaining power over other people. It never works. Instead of becoming happy, their thirst for power and control consumes them, and they become barbaric monsters.

As they focus more and more upon obtaining power, they get very good at it, as follows from the Law of Momentum. These are people, who through diligence, and cunning, find ways to rise into positions of power and authority in Society, where they generate all kinds of suffering and misery. This malice, and opposition to Life, is at the core of all the conflict, greed, and ignorance that we find in the world.

However, there is an end to this cycle, because the more you try to control things, the more chaos you create. Force generates resistance, and by this principle, people who choose to dominate others, impede themselves, often creating the very opposite of what they wanted. It is amazing to see how consistently they choose the most complicated, and difficult ways to go about getting what they want. Thus, the house of cards they base their lives upon, must inevitably fall, and fall it will, through their own actions.

Giving in to the demands of a bully, is always more expensive, and costly, than refusing, and resisting. When you give in to the demands of a bully, you give them your power, and they will always use that against you, and everyone else. This is how the world got into the mess that it is in, and it has to stop.

People who have mastered their selfish desires, know that giving others what they need, always brings to them the things that they need. If we take care of the Earth, then the Earth will take care of us. If we take care of the Universe, then the Universe will find ways to fulfill our needs, and Enlightened desires.

We always flourish, when we enable others to flourish. This is the Way of the Universe, and by living in Harmony with it, all noble things can be accomplished.

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