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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Week of the Movement

Time, Momentum and Gravity

The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Week of The Movement

The Movement

The Army marches through the fog of war

Return to clarity. The Movement must be based on Love. Love what you are doing. The Movement towards Progress never ends. Unite Friends. Do something important while you are Waiting for people to catch up.

Make the first Approach. See what is really going on. Push onward. Deliver the goods. Quell Trouble. Put Stupidity in its place.

Stand for something greater than yourself.

The Image

Feel what is going on.

Recognize the time for action.

Listen to the words of Dragons.

Study the Ancient Wisdom

The Inside

The Dragon pays attention. When the beginning is correct, what follows moves smoothly. Relationships should be symbiotic rather than parasitic. Pay Attention! Be friendly to all, but do not attach yourself to people who do not love you. Be sensible! Beware of greed : both in the world, and within yourself. Be Real! After struggling with circumstances, those who have Love will be united. Great good fortune. Keep your mind open to the leverage that will lead you from a bad situation into a good one. Success!

The Outside

Success! Make commitments with those who will fulfill their agreements. Be aware. The Dragon lives by the Laws of Nature. You should live according to your True nature, as well. Be Aware. The Bees see what is there. Whenever possible, make full use of the opportunities available to you. Be creative! Deliver yourself from parasites, so that you can unite with real people. No blame. The Butterfly glides around turbulence. If you bend with the situation, trouble will not overwhelm you. Get wise! Do not succumb to anger, when putting an end to trouble. Get wise!

The Lines

Top : After victory wise leaders should be put into positions of authority. The camp followers should be given a bonus! Be smart.

5 : The Butterfly glides around turbulence. In crucial situations success comes when the troops are led by experienced leaders. Get wise!

4 : Retreat when necessary and regroup. Pay attention!

3 : The Bees see what is there. Followers must not try to lead in a military situation. Be aware!

2 : The Dragon lives by the Laws of Nature. Assume responsibilities, and carry out instructions. Supreme good fortune!

1 : Without order, discipline, and a clear plan of action, an army will march into destruction. Be sensible.

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The Movement's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside






The Push






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The Road to Mecca

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