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The Dural Tube

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The Dural Tube

by James Clair Lewis

In Cranial/Sacral Therapy, the dural tube refers to the structure that encases the brain, spine, & nervous systems of the physical body. The flow of cerobral/spinal fluid through the dural tube is said to nourish the nervous system, and through that, all of the glands & other organs of the human body.

This exercise was developed as part of my series of Mental Yoga/Occult Exercises, but it is also a powerful technique to be used by people with back problems.

Focus your consciousness in the thalamus as you inhale, and expand the focus to include your entire brain on the exhale. Repeat this for about two minutes, and then very slowly work your way down the spine one vertibrae at a time with each breath. When you get down to the sacrum, expand & contract your consciousness throughout it with your breath for two minutes. Then work your way back up through the vertibra to the thalamus, and expand & contract your consciousness there for two more minutes.

This ought to take about one half hour, but when you have back problems, it will probably take much longer. What you will find, is that there are places where you find it most difficult to proceed to the next vertibrae. These will be your problem areas, and when you find one, just stay there breathing on that spot for a few extra minutes, before going on.

If you find that you have been on one spot for five minutes, and are still stuck there, you can make a bridge. Slide a finger under your back, and place it on the next vertibrae. Then you will be able to focus on that spot, and continue this exercise.

Remember where you needed to make a bridge. That vertibrae is severely out of alignment, and needs a chiropractor's attention. The muscles attached to it, most likely are also in a state of spasm, and should be attended to by a massage therapist. Stretching techniques should also be applied. The Dural Tube is an energy technique, but as with all means of Healing, it should be combined with various physical, and emotional healing techniques, as well as the Spiritual & Mental. Healing is Divine, and the Divine encompasses all Planes of existance, therefore to achieve Healing, we must employ all of the methods available.

While doing the Dural Tube Exercise, you might want to have some background music playing. An Indian Raga, ambient nature sounds, or some New Age music should serve well. Anything soothing

These animated Moving Mandalas are very large files. Please click on the pic, and wait for it to load. The Contemplation will be very enabling, carrying your Mind beyond the mundane world

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