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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : The Week of Magick

The Lovin' Spoonful - Do You Believe In Magic - 1965

The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar

#14 : Magick

To exert influence, is to work Magick.

Prepare your attitude for Meeting. Allow for Decrease in an exchange. Adhere to what Endures. Employ Gentle persuasion. Bring about a balance. Avoid sudden change

Prepare before you act. Express Character. Gather your forces. Focus on the Obstruction. Face Danger. Retreat when necessary

Be sparing in the use of Influence

The Image

Know the world you live in

Be aware of what people think

Use imagination

Be gracious

The Inside

The Dragon does not waste time. Correct trouble before it does harm. Think! Rely upon and protect your personal resources and knowledge. Get wise. Maintain your inner balance. Do not give trouble power over you. Be sensible! Coordinate your activities, and you will get everything done. Good Luck! Fortune smiles upon those who walk the Path of Truth. Never fear. Maintain calm in the midst of disaster. Be sensible.

The Outside

Plan the revolution very carefully. Think. This is a good time to make a new beginning. Be creative! The Bees love harmony. When you are having difficulty making friends with a group of people, cultivate their leader. No Blame. Make certain that people will adhere to their agreements. Pay attention! The Butterfly seeks a mate. Seek the advice of the Wise in times of danger, & listen! After making a complete retreat, think about striking out in a new direction. Be creative!

The Lines

Top : If you brag about what you are going to do, you probably will never get around to it. Misfortune.

5 : The Butterfly seeks a mate. Maintain an open mind. Good Luck.

4 : Communicate with people. Do not manipulate them. Pay attention.

3 : The Bees love harmony. Do not allow your emotions to dominate your activities. Think!

2 : Be well centered, and await the correct moment for action. Be sensible!

1 : An idea must be acted upon, if there is to be any effect. Be creative!

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Magick's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside












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