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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Season of Autumn

Doris Day - Autumn Leaves - 1956

The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Season of Autumn

#42 : Autumn

The Cycle of the Year is completed in Autumn

Pause to think. Cultivate character. Flexibility is required. Do something. Promote the positive. Curb the negative.

Observe the situation. Listen. Hold on. Explain with clarity. Innovate. Complete your tasks.

The Image

Light up the Earth

Know your own feelings

Understand your motives

Express Love

The Inside

The Dragon Halts! Do not react immediately when trouble threatens. Pay Attention! The Dragon is patient. Cultivate the internal strength by developing a hidden talent. Good Fortune! The Dragon is flexible. Get your friends to help you into a new situation. Good Luck. The Dragon leaps into the air. Choose between pursuing your Path in private, or beginning a public career. Good Luck! The Dragon Succeeds! Encourage people in accomplishing their goals. Supreme Good Fortune! Dragons Fighting! Violence destroys both the good, and the evil in people. Misfortune.

The Outside

The Dragon thinks before it acts. Wait for the opening before you make your move. Supreme Good Fortune. The Dragon listens without comment. Avoid conflict, and cultivate internal strength. Meditate. The Dragon stays home. Do not try to force the impossible. Be Sensible! The Dragon's viewpoint is universal, and therfore clear to all. Radical changes succeed only when based solidly upon Truth. Be Real! The Crazy Dragon slips through the net! Keep them laughing, and don't let them know what you are doing. Good Luck! The Dragon does nothing. Supreme Good Fortune comes, when everyone assumes their responsibilities, and does their job. Meditate.

The Lines

Top : The Dragon does not look back. While bringing a project to completion, consider plans for the future. Look ahead.

5 : The Dragon makes the law simple and fair. Organize your life according to natural, universal principles. Be Real!

4 : The Dragon remains cautious and thorough. A great deal of trouble could be avoided, if you would only learn from mistakes. Pay attention.

3 : The Dragon conquers new territory. Only experienced help can deal with challenging situations. Do not hire anyone else. Be aware.

2 : The Dragon meets a closed door. Everyone must learn how to wait. Be patient.

1 : The Dragon rests. If everything is organized, this represents only a minor setback. Get Wise.

Notes : The Dragon Halts! The Dragon is patient. The Dragon is flexible. The Dragon leaps into the air. The Dragon Succeeds! Dragons Fighting!

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Autumn's Circle of Friends

The Outside The Inside












The three months of Autumn




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