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Deadsponcelling Chapter 13


By Carly Robb and James Clair Lewis

Deadsponcelling Chapter 13

The vortex Arjuna led them through, opened upon a tropical island. Breadfruit, coconuts, papayas, and mangoes crowded most of the available space, so they landed on the beach. "Welcome to my humble abode. The island provides a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, and the reef hosts a multitude of species of fish. One could live quite comfortably here."

Sephera's eyes grew wide, "Fishing? I'd really love to catch some fresh fish. And my husband would love to cook it. Wouldn't you, Semaj?"

Semaj smiled and said, "Of course, I'll cook it. Do you think I'd let you burn good food?" he then turned to their host, "Arjuna can you tell me more about these silver threads in the vortexes? I've seen the threads of a number of colors from time to time, but I've concentrated on a study of the mirrors, and can even get through blocked mirrors now.

Sephera picked up a net from her pack and a short spear, then dove into the surf. Daath began walking toward the fruit trees, "I'll leave you guys to talk shop. I want to get some fresh fruit, and see what veggies grow here."

Arjunas interest was piqued, "You''ll have to explain to me about passing through the dark mirrors. I've felt it could be done, but couldn't fathom the proper conditions. As to the treads in some of the vortexes, I've learned that the silver ones always lead to other lenticular clouds on a different matrix of vortexes. The purple threads lead to clouds on the same matrix. Blue and green threads lead to crystal caverns, and you can pass from them to the Hall of Mirrors. I haven't explored the others enough to figure out what their pattern may be, but watch out for the black threads. They are very rare, but one of my Wing went through one, and when we found him days later, he was quite insane. We could do nothing for him. Finally his dragon ate him, and flew away. I haven't seen that dragon since."

Semaj nodded, "There are many things the dragons don't tell us. I think they like to see us figure them out ourselves. Also, their perspective on things, and their perception of reality is drastically different from our own. I think that many of their secrets were revealed to the people of Nemeth, but they wouldn't let me in to their Great Temple to read the Scriptures of the Dragon. They said they needed Qlippoth's permission, first, and Qlippoth merely told me to contemplate the Mirrors, and not their reflections.

Arjuna agreed, "Dragons can certainly be that way. No doubt about that. Always riddles within riddles. But they always seem to be leading us somewhere with them. My dragon, Krishna, was going on and on about a bottle whose handle passes through itself without a hole, and becomes the bottom of the bottle, for a few days before I discovered the silver threads within some of the lenticular cloud vortexes."

At this, Qlippoth, Ragnarok, Mahakala, and Krishna, broke out into wild laughter, and then took off to circle around the island.

Aleph finished his homework, and went to bed. Soon he was fast asleep, and he arose and walked through the mirror. On the other side, he greeted his dragon, Tau, "Hi guy! I've got that test on the ancient Greeks coming up. Wanna take me back to that place with the satyrs again? One more head there, and I'll know enough about the old Greeks to ace my final."

Tau lowered a wing for Aleph to climb up on his back, and soon they were flying toward the village he had Deadsponcelled a few days before. What he found was not what he expected. There were many dragons aloft, and the village had been burnt to the ground. He saw dragon riders on the ground digging graves.

Aleph landed, "Hey! What's this? What happened? What's this stuff doing in my dream? I wanted to learn more about the ancient Greeks for the paper I'm writing and the final exam this semester."

Tara looked up and noticed the lone rider considering whether to ignore him or not, and if not, to just run up and greet him or let the other Protectors know and see what they wanted to do, her decision could affect things to come. 'Do I do this or no?' she wondered, 'If I could find just one more person who might agree with my theory... but how do I let my theory be known safely to anyone else who may have any contact with another Protector? It could endanger not only my life, but anyone who agrees with the theory. They wouldn't be able to handle the concept of their Rogues not being who they think they are.' She made her decision more quickly than she thought possible.

She stood and walked deliberately towards the unknown dragonrider. "Greetings, newcomer, who might you be?" She hoped that this was not a bad thing.

Before Aleph could say a thing, Europa slammed the side of his head with a shovel. She was about to strike him again as he fell, but Metis tackled her, and pinned her to the ground. Aleph lay unconscious at Tara's feet, bleeding from the head wound.

Kali yelled, "Europa! You are on report. When we get back to the Citadel, I'm grounding you. That was totally out of line. You had no call to attack this kid. Tara, you handled this in true Protector fashion. I am appointing you to be his Counsel at the Trial. Tend to his wound, and see that he comes to no more harm." Kali turned to the rest of her Wing, "The dead here still have need of our services. Get back to work. Metis, take Europa into custody."

Tara was flabbergasted, "His Counsel at Trial? Why does he need a trial? I can see why I needed a trial, but him?" She shook her head and apologized, "I'm sorry, I'm merely overly curious at times, I will do my best as his Counsel." She crouched at the young dragonriders side and wished she hadn't left her bag in San Francisco. She had some stuff that would be useful right now in there. Most likely there was an old flannel in there which she could put some of the vodka on, to clean his wound, and the aspirin for when he came back around; he'd probably have one hell of a headache by then. Perhaps Metis had something on him to help, or maybe if she scavenged some of the surrounding buildings she might find something useful. For the time being though, she decided that making him comfortable would be the best thing for him, so she looked around and finally found somewhere that wasn't burnt to the dirt, grass is always more comfortable that dirt and rocks. Realizing that she couldn't move him herself, she called to Shadowdeath and asked him to help her.

Ganymede approached, "Let me help you with that kid, Tara". He helped lift Aleph, and dragged him over to some soft grass. "From what he was saying, before Europa went ballistic, it is obvious that he had been Deadsponcelling this village before we ever got here. But there is no way that he could be responsible for wiping out all these people. He still thinks this is all a dream."

Tara nodded, "Yes, but I am sure at one time we have all thought it was merely a dream. Should that be reason for a Trial? Or can the fact that it is not a dream, merely be explained, and if the fact that these people are real is not honored, the Trial takes place then? If not the second, then much time and energy is wasted, each time a new Deadsponcellor is found. But once again I am babbling. This one's well being is what matters now."

Ganymede flatly stated, "There is nothing like a Trial, to bring home the reality of the situation. Some people would not believe this wasn't a dream without a Trial. Also, it is nice that we have rooftop parties every night to celebrate the new protectors."

Tara smiled slightly, "True, those rooftop parties are quite nice."

Ganymede found some gauze for the kid's head, and then waved to Aleph's dragon who had been conferring with the other dragons in the Wing. "You understand what is going on, so would you please allow us to put your human on your back to carry him to the Citadel?"

The dragon blinked once, very slowly, and then lowered a wing, so Ganymede and Tara could adjust straps, and safely secure Aleph to him. Tara felt a sense of knowing in the look the dragon had given them. "Thank you, Dragon. I hope your friend was not injured too badly by Europa, I think she got a bit carried away."

She gave Shadowdeath a friendly pat and was horribly tempted to make a run for it with the newcomer, but knew better. "Hopefully we'll be done with this shortly Shadow. Take care of our new friends."

Shadowdeath began to laugh. After a few moments, all of the dragons began to laugh. It was eerie, this laughter over the graves, and all of the dragonriders knew that dragons never explain jokes or what is funny to them.

Tara turned and walked away mumbling something about crazy overgrown lizards and joined the others. The Wing finished burying the villagers, and Europa finally calmed down. They stood in a silent circle about the graves. Kali softly said, "I am sorry we could not protect you as we intended. Please forgive us." Then they mounted their dragons and returned to the Citadel.

As they approached the Citadel, Aleph began to stir. "Gawd, my head hurts. What happened? Hey! Why am I tied up on the back of my dragon? What the Hell is going on here?"

Tara closed the distance with the newcomer. "There was a bit of a misunderstanding. It seems you're fine now. We wanted to get you somewhere to tend your wounds and didn't want you falling. I am Tara." She then proceeded to introduce the rest of the Wing.

"This sure is a strange dream. I feel like somebody actually hit me in the head with a shovel." He turned his head to look at Tara more closely, "Well, you sure are a cute redhead. Do you represent somebody I missed seeing at school? When I wake up, I sure will be looking around campus for you. Maybe we could go out to a movie or something."

Tara did her best to supress a laugh. "Well nothing's going to happen at all without me knowing your name. And, there's a lot that needs to be explained. We're almost to the Citadel, and I'd like to know your name before we get there."

"Well, dream girl, my name's Aleph, but everybody calls me Al. Have I seen you in the library or the cafeteria? You know, I've never had a bondage dream before. If I didn't have this lousy headache, I think this might be some fun. Hmmmm, beautiful redhead ties me up to a bed, and makes me her love slave. Yeah, I see some possibilities there."

Tara rolled her eyes in annoyance with Aleph. "Look, Aleph, things aren't what you seem to think they are. And, no, you haven't seen me on campus, I don't think you have at least." She laughed under her breath, thankful that when she had thought it was merely a dream she wasn't this idiotic.

Enlightenment shone in Aleph's eyes, "Oh, I get it. You must work at the strip club across town. You sure do have the body for that. I must have been really drunk, not to remember you. But, that would explain the headache, wouldn't it?"

Tara glared at him, "Look, Aleph, the chances of you ever having seen me before, are slim to none, put it this way, your life may depend on me in upcoming days, don't get on my bad side."

Aleph grinned, "Well, from where I'm looking, you don't have any bad sides. How about we land somewhere, and turn this spooky dream into a wet one?"

Metis joined them and growled, "Listen kid. This isn't a dream. You are under arrest for murder, and the Lady you are talking to, is your lawyer. So curb your tongue. Understand?"

Tara smiled at Metis, "Thank you, Metis. I hope he can understand that." She gave Aleph a cold look and resumed her place in the formation.

As they entered the Citadel, Metis whispered to Tara, "Well, at least he's a good candidate for the Dream Defense."

Tara nearly peed herself laughing. "That he is, Metis, that he is."

They landed at the Citadel and the Wing led their dragons to familiar niches alongside the hangar room. "Europa, you are confined to quarters until further notice. Metis, assist Tara in taking the prisoner to a holding cell. Everybody else, don't stray too far. I'm going to have to give the Judges a full report on what happened, and you may be called as witnesses."

Europa hung her head in shame, "I'm terribly sorry about what I did back there. I just lost it for a moment. We've seen that happen too many times. That's why the Order has taken control of so many worlds. Do you have to tell the Judges what I did?"

Kali nodded, "I'm afraid I'll have to include that in my report, Europa. You let your emotions take over too much, when you need to think things out. You could have killed that kid with your shovel. It is obvious that he is basically just an innocent. How many people did you kill before you found out that you weren't dreaming? No, Europa, I have no choice about this. It will be part of his defense."

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