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Deadsponcelling Chapter 4


By Carly Robb and James Clair Lewis

Deadsponcelling Chapter 4

"I suppose I interrupted something important, I'll just let you three have your argument and I'll go up and take a nap or something," She turned to go.

Semaj said, "Tara, don't go. I am already tired of their bickering. Please join us at table, have something to eat." Tara wasn't sure if she'd be able to eat, but she sat down and picked at some bread, trying to avoid everyone's gaze. Daath and Sephera eyed each other frostily. Semaj offered, "Tara, please do try at least some of my soup. It is brain food, and will give you strength."

"Oh, brain food, don't we have a wonderful sense of humor." Tara dipped some of her bread into the soup, "It's not that it's not good, it's just that I don't know if I can manage to eat very much right now." Tara stood up, & pushed the soup bowl away, and thought to herself. She began to wonder if she should go back to the other world to settle up things. Maybe she should ask if she would be going back. Someone should be able to tell her at least that. Would she have a choice on which life to choose?

She cupped her face in her hands, suddenly weak? tired? What was wrong with her? She wanted to go home, badly, at least just to pay off bills, cancel utilities, say goodbye to friends; but what would she tell anyone? No one would believe her, and could she put up with mundane day to day business again? What about the petty assholes of the real world? How would they affect her now? It was all so confusing.

Semaj interrupted her train of thought, "Tara, life is full of difficult adjustments. We are here to help you through this."

Tara replied, "No offense Semaj, but I prefer to work through my difficulties by trial and error."

Sephera butted in, "I want to go outside for some combat practice. Anyone want to join me?"

Tara accepted the offer "only to work out some pent up frustration, not because I want you to train me, so just keep that straight."

"Whatever," Sephera got up from the table, walked over to an outside door, and exited.

Tara refrained from making a horrid face at her back and picked at a few more bites of bread, "Thank you for the food, and I'm sorry i didn't eat much, but I am grateful for your hospitality at least." She left the table. As she neared the door she brought her sword to the ready, just in case Sephera decided to pull one of her tricks again, and opened the door.

"That's quite alright, my dear," Semaj said. Then, as Tara went outside, he continued his argument with Daath.

Tara inhaled as she walked out, the air was crisp. More fresh than usual. Curiously, the fog had lifted, or maybe it was only seen from away from the cabin so as to hide it. Either way, the sun was shining and in the distance she could see unicorns and pegasi mingle with other strange, yet beautiful nature that surrounded her. The country-side was lush and green and the only noise around was the birds and the light breeze making her dress rustle in the wind. She looked up to the clouds, and all of a sudden, a shape formed in the distance. It was Shadowdeath, her dragon. She said her friend's name under her breath, wanted to run and greet him, but where was Sephera? She didn't want that woman to get the jump on her again.

From out of nowhere Sephera appeared casually right beside Tara, "Nice looking dragon you've got there."

Shadowdeath proudly landed, and looks over to Sephera Tippereth implying he heard her compliment, "Why thank you M'dame." His voice was low pitched and smooth, yet strong, almost demanding attention. He then looked over to Tara.

"My lady, I was wondering when you would finally come back outside on this lovely day. We need to practice. From what I hear, we are going to need it. Perfect day for that wouldn't you agree?"

Tara jumped at Sephera's voice, wondering why there was no blade to her throat, but for some reason felt no surprise at all from Shadowdeath's speech. It seemed like it was only natural for him to talk and wondered why he hadn't before. She nodded in response to Sephera's comment and turned to her dragon, "Shadowdeath, do you realize what I've been through in the past few hours? I never realized how much danger my life is in," she glanced quickly in Sephera's direction, "I don't know what's going on, it's just so, strange."

Shadowdeath informed her, "I have been told by some old friends who are fleeing. Their masters, in your same position, have been killed, and now they are running for their own lives. I have been told of the gravity of the situation. However, with such wonderful people around, I feel, my Lady, that we have not too much to fear. You are a smart woman, and I have no doubts about your ability to learn quickly what we need. I have heard, also, that Sephera and Sepheroth are good people to learn from, and will be able to help you and I train together."

Semaj and Daath joined the ladies, and three other dragons flew in from the lenticular cloud. Semaj explained, "Those are our dragons, Qlippoth, Ragnarok, and Mahakala."

Tara looked around at everyone, "I thought you two were still in there arguing."

Daath gave Mahakala a hug, "How are you doing, big guy?" He climbed up on his back, "Anyone want to go scouting for awhile?"

Tara looked at Shadowdeath and had a strange feeling of having been on the ground for too long, which was odd because in the past she always felt she was in the air too much, but not being one to argue with her instincts, she agreed to join Daath.

Semaj mounted Qlippoth, and Sephera mounted Ragnarok. "Tara, your dragon needs to get used to flying in formation with other dragons. As a Deadsponcellor, you always flew on your own or did improvised dragon dances. Now you need to function as a unit. If we encounter Rogues, our formation will help us to protect each other."

Sephera took the lead with Daath and Semaj behind and below her and explained, "This is the pyramid formation. When attacked we show a face on every side."

They flew some circles over the valley together in this manner, and then Sephera yelled, "That was good Tara. Now let's do an inside loop." She rose sharply and around, and Shadowdeath banked steeply up, up, and around while Tara hung on for dear life. Soon they were upside down, then plunging forward and around into a hair-raising dive.

Sephera brandished her sword screaming, "Kiiiii-yah!" The formation split apart, and Tara was now in the point with the others fanned out around her. "Good on you, Shadowdeath! You're a natural!"

Sephera lofted up again leading them toward the lenticular cloud. Inside the cloud there seemed to be channels of swirling mists, Sephera chose one, and they flew through the vortex of it, and out. Below them now, was not the mountain valley, but a coastal plain. A vast city crowded up against the shore with spires and minarets, painted with all the colors of the rainbow.

Adrenaline still rushing madly through her veins, Tara finally caught her breath enough to look around. The architecture was like none she had even heard of before, it seemed to be from one of the books that she had read, but she couldn't remember which one, or even a plot, or characters, so she knew it couldn't be that, but just the way it was built seemed to be a manifestation of someone's dream. She was awed by the grandeur of the palaces and manors. Finally, she was able to speak. "I know this is a petty question to ask, (trust me i have more but, first things first), but where are we?"

Shadowdeath breathed deeply. Taking in the sweet air. And giggled a little at Tara's question. She kicked him in the rib just enough for him to notice, "You hush,. "How am I supposed to know? Huh? Think you're so smart, I'll find something you don't know eventually."

Semaj answered her question "The city of Nemeth is a neutral area. We are treated with great respect here, and have unlimited credit. So, if you go shopping, and find anything that you want, it will just be placed on our account."

They landed in a large public square. The veiled women all wore multi-colored silk saris, while the men were head-shaven and wore simple cloth robes of orange. Everyone in the square prostrated themselves before them awaiting a command. Semaj addressed a man in the crowd, "Have you seen any other dragonriders here, besides our enemies?"

"No, my Lord. No one, besides your enemies, has come here."

Semaj instructed, "You may all rise, and go about your business."

Tara mentioned, "It seems to me that it's a bit more than great respect, the way they prostrated themselves, was more like they see us as gods, and I don't think that's right. I don't want to be worshiped or bowed down for. It makes me uncomfortable."

Sephera looked at her, "Believe me, they know that we aren't gods. They are a very polite people, and they are very afraid of the dragons. The Rogues have done much harm here, and they know that we fight them. Now, shall we do some shopping? You've got a lovely dress, but you also need some fighting leathers."

"Well, that's much appreciated, but do they have to grovel like that? Ha! Me? In leather?! You gotta be kidding," said Tara.

"It can get very cold while flying a dragon, but suit yourself." Sephera walked off of the square, across the street and into a shop. The owner bowed as she entered.

Tara ran to catch up, "I didn't say I wouldn't look around. Sheesh, you don't think I know it gets cold riding a dragon? I just don't know how what you're wearing could ever keep you warm. Don't look at me like that, it was a joke." She looked at the shop owner, "Must you bow? It makes me uncomfortable."

The shopkeeper looked at Tara as if she had a third eye, "T'is my pleasure to show respect, Honored Mistress, and it is the custom in Nemeth to bow for all."

Tara sighed., "As you wish then, but it still makes me uncomfortable. I guess I'll get used to it though," she thought to herself, as she entered the shop, how rude and uncaring her land of origin was, and how insulted any of these people would be, if they found themselves there, and that it's better to go to nicer places than to meaner places.

She wandered around the shop looking at various things, yet not able to make her mind up about anything when she caught her reflection out of the corner of her eye. Not having expected it, it startled her, so she looked directly at the mirror on the back wall. As she looked into the mirror, she suddenly saw a group of angry armed men inside it. They burst through the mirror with drawn swords, knocking down displays as they advanced.

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