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Deadsponcelling Chapter 8


By Carly Robb and James Clair Lewis

Deadsponcelling Chapter 8

Tara sat down in a chair looked around the room and asks, "So what's up with the concierge. Other than being attracted to Semaj, that is."

"Well, he is good at his job. Often very helpful and discreet, but, if you indulge him, he might never leave. And yes, he does fancy my husband, Semaj, which really wouldn't be a problem, if heterosexual marriages were recognized here." She turned to Semaj, "Let's go to our suite. We haven't had time together, lately." They exited.

Tara's eyes went wide, "Straight marriages aren't recognized here anymore? What's up with that?" She rested her chin on her hand and pondered this very odd turn of events and their impact on history. "When did this happen?"

Daath chuckled, "I can't keep up with the local history of every world I pass through, but the people here seem to think it has always been that way. If we go out, it would help if you walked beside Sephera, while I walk with Semaj. Just so that we don't inadvertently raise any eyebrows. OK?"

"What year is it anyway? Sheesh, if it's as bad as it was when no one recognized homosexual marriages, I don't want to be anywhere near a man."

Daath feigned a pout, "Do you find me that repulsive?" he teaseed, "You know they are going to be occupied in there for quite awhile. Would you like a drink? Or I could order a meal through room service, if you'd like."

Tara smiled at him and said "Now what do you think? I just remember that um... back in the day, homosexuals used to get the crap beat out of them or killed just for being what they are, and I don't want that happening. As for room service and a drink, that would be great."

Daath walked to the bar, inspecting it, "Ah, 100 year old Scotch, would you like some? Or would something else be more to your taste? They have a fine menu here, and can send up anything to order in just a few minutes." He poured himself a shot neat.

Tara debated between a shot of scotch or a mixed drink of some sort, but being indecisive on drinks was always a shortcoming for her, "Ah just pour me a shot of that, it'l do the job... er... a few of them will at least. Now to decide on food, hmm." she sighed contemplatively... "Ah, I'll just go with the old standby of turkey on rye, that'll work."

Daath poured her a drink, "Turkey on rye? Tara, actually, they are fairly tolerant of individual preferences here, but simple turkey on rye? Are you trying to get us tarred and feathered? This is a five star hotel. Please think of something more elaborate. I'm going to order the blowfish."

She looked at him and sighed, "But, never mind, calamari will work then." She grumbled under her breath about liking turkey on rye and her dress and how everyone in the future is insane and other various and sundry things.

Daath picked up a cellphone at the bar, "Please, send up your best Calamari and an order of the blowfish. You know how I like it." And then, turning, "Tara, they are very strict about dress codes here, so later, when we all go down for dinner, you must wear make-up, have your nails done, and please, select a fancy dress from the wardrobe in your suite. We don't need to be arrested for crimes against fashion."

She looked at him as though he had said that cats bark and dogs meow... "Me? fancy dress?" her voice turned nearly frantic for a second, "Do you realize how long it's been since I've worn a fancy dress? or done my nails or makeup? I'll just hide up here..."

The elevator door opened, and a waiter in a smart scarlet silk suit with matching bellboy cap wheeled in a tray with their orders covered by crystal lids. He placeed them on the bar, and looked at Tara, "O! You poor dear! You must have had a dreadful adventure before you arrived. May I tell the masseuse, the manicurist, and the hairdresser of your desperate plight? They can be available as soon as you partake of this appetizer."

She glared at Daath for a moment before addressing the bellboy, "Yes, quite dreadful. Your offer is greatly appreciated." After the bellboy left, she looked at Sepheroth and said, "What the hell kind of place is this? I can't legally dress comfortably or what?"

Daath finished his drink, and poured another. he offered Tara some more as well, "You may think this place is a nuthouse, if you wish, but it is a very civilized nuthouse. Just go along with them, and have fun. You really don't want to have to deal with the Matrons here. They can be very tough." With that he lifted the lid off the blowfish, and began to eat.

"It's all a nuthouse though, Sepheroth, everything during the past few days. I know you say I'll get used to it, but I doubt it sometimes, I really do. Yes, please, pour me another." She handed him her glass and started on her squid.

Semaj opened the door from his suite and stuck his head out, "Are you getting settled in here alright? Like the services of the Hotel Chandler?"

"Hey! I'm not finished with you yet!", Sephera grabbed him, and the door slammed shut.

"Um... yeah..." Tara laughed under her breath as the door closed and downed her scotch. Exactly five minutes after Tara finished her calamari, the masseuse arrived, well-muscled, and proportioned, he was wearing only a pair of scarlet silk short pants, and matching sandals, "Are you ready for your massage, Miss? The Hotel Chandler is most concerned for the well-being of all her guests."

As she told the masseuse that yes she was ready for a massage, she realized that she couldn't remember where or when or who gave her her last massage, and realized just how much her back ached.

The masseuse opened the door to Tara's room for her, and followed her in. It was a large luxurious suite all by itself. A four poster bed, antique chairs, desk, and tables. There was a flat HDTV on the wall across from the bed, and a large bay window facing the ocean with a bit of a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, as well. On either side of the bed were doors leading to a walk-in closet, and a full bathroom. In one corner of the room was a massage table with an inset for the head to rest comfortably without any strain on the neck. The masseuse was an expert whose hands had both strength and sensitivity. He was completely thorough, and even managed to do some adjustments at the right time, so that Tara was simply glowing when he was done. "I'll have the hairdresser come to you when you have finished your bath, Miss."

Tara was nearly passed out at this point, but managed to mumble a thank you, and struggled with her now completely relaxed body to try to get up and into the bath. After stumbling into the bathroom and nearly collapsing three times she managed to get the water at the perfect temperature and melted into the tub. After a few minutes she managed to regain muscle control and made use of the abundance of lavender scented bathstuffs, stood up, stretched, and wrapped herself in a towel. She sat down on the bed and thought to herself, "Damn, I could just go to sleep now. My back hasn't felt this great in ages."

Later on, downstairs in the Hotel Chandler's Piano Bar Restaurant, they were listening to a lavender-clad musician playing Mozart's, "A Little Night Music". Sephera was wearing a scarlet silk dress with plunging neckline, her hair done up in ringlets. Semaj and Daath were wearing relatively conservative navy blue silk suits with silver borders and hems, while Tara's red hair was swept up in a wave, and was wearing a more demur green silk dress. The concierge was pleased that they not only managed to meet the dress code, but also had left their weapons up in the suite.

Tara looked at Daath and said quietly, "I don't like this, mirrors everywhere and me with no weapon. The past few days have relied on being prepared, what the hell are we gonna do if rogues show up?"

"Well, I hardly think they would be looking for us in a place like this." Daath smiled and discreetly revealed a kukri knife hidden inside his boot, "And Semaj always has his magic. Also, most of the mirrors in San Francisco are blocked. Mirror Central is where people can get in and out for the most part."

"Nice, but still, oh you're right, I'm probably overreacting. I'll shut up now." Tara sipped at a glass of red wine to trying to calm herself.

Air raid sirens blared up all over the city, and the lights go went out. A panic broke out as customers began to wail, "The Canadians! They are attacking us again!" The concierge leaped up to the piano with a bullhorn, "Please be calm! Our brave Matrons will protect us! Waiters, show the patrons the way down to the shelter. Use the flashlights. Please, everyone. If we move in an orderly fashion, no one will be hurt. And, of course, complementary wine will be served in the shelter." Quickly the waiters acquired flashlights and began conducting the patrons to safety down below. Outside there was the sound of energy beam weapons being deployed in an air battle over Marin county to the north.

Tara looked bewilderedly at Daath and asked just loud enough to be heard "Canadians? Why are they attacking? What's going on? What's this all abou-- er aboot?" she tried desperately to keep from laughing.

"I can't be entirely certain, but officially, the Catholics in the north object to non-recognition of heterosexual marriage here. Actually, I think it is an attack on the California wine industry, because they don't drink much beer here in San Francisco," offered Daath.

Semaj told them "I don't like this. I think we should go outside and make our way to Mirror Central. From there we can go anywhere we choose."

"Catholics? Wine industry? Non-beer drinking? Damn this is confusing. I'm with you, Semaj. Get me out of this looney bin. Oh, crud, does this mean I have to leave everything behind?"

The Piano Bar at the Hotel Chandler was on the ground floor, so Semaj began leading them to the front entrance. The concierge tried to stop them, saying, "Stop! You must not go outside now. It is too dangerous." But, Sephera punched him in the jaw and knocked him out cold. She took off the pearl necklace she was wearing and tucked it into his pocket, saying, "Sorry, Guy, but we have to go now."

Outside the air battle raged, crossing the bay to San Francisco. The Matrons were highly skilled fighters, but were vastly outnumbered. Energy beam weapons from the attacking Canadians began striking the high-rises, and there was confusion everywhere. "Mirror Central is not far from here. We should have no trouble getting there, and out of this.," Sephera yelled to Tara.

They ran through the gardens between the high-rises, bypassing citizens hiding in bushes and trees, and sheltered beside fountains and statues. An energy beam struck at the base of the Chandler, and it began to topple. Other buildings were already down, including the Knob Hill Tower. When they were within fifty yards of Mirror Central, their dragons emerged from a great mirror seconds before it was struck, and destroyed. Quickly, they mounted, and flew south towards the Santa Cruz Mountains following the track of the old Skyline Blvd (Hwy 35). They could see reinforcements flying up from San Jose to support the Matrons, as they neared a lenticular cloud.

Tara tried to keep Shadowdeath from taking lead, and going into the lenticular cloud before the others, but to no avail. Gefore she knew it, she was disappearing into a vortex. When Tara emerged from the vortex, she was alone, flying over some foothills, beneath a clear afternoon sky. A moment later, Kether flew out of the vortex behind her, and then the lenticular cloud evaporated, and disappeared.

"Damn you, Shadow, why'd you do that? Oh, never mind, I would have myself if I were you. Kether, you were able to keep up, at least it's not just the two of us, but where do we go now? I suppose one direction is just as good as another isn't it?" She took her surroundings into consideration, "Let's follow that river upstream, water usually leads to people."

Kether looked around confused, "I thought they were right behind us myself, but I guess I was mistaken. We'll have to manage on our own, I guess. Upstream?" Kether looked at the river. "I agree, a lot of silt in it, if there are any people along it, they would be where the water is cleaner. Lead the way."

"Kether, if you don't mind me asking, what's up with Malcuth, and where is he?" asked Tara.

Kether fell silent for a moment. "All I know is that a few days before we met up with you, Semaj, Sepheroth and Sephera we were attacked. Somehow, (I believe it was pure luck) we were able to defeat our attacker. Malcuth did what all Sponcellors normally do, and he hasn't been himself lately at all. As for where he's at now, we found a cave and a boulder and left him enough food for about a week or so, made a fire for him and rolled the boulder over the mouth of his cave so he can't do anything stupid."

"That does explain it, I suppose your attacker was a young rogue, but I wonder why it affected him so strongly? I guess I'll never know without asking him, thank you for informing me on that" Tara went back to watching the riverbank for any sign of human habitation.

From out of the west, forty dragons with riders suddenly swept up on Tara. Kether managed to fly to a lenticular cloud that was just forming and dissolving, but Tara was completely surrounded. "Land your dragon now and surrender!", ordered the apparent leader of the dragonriders.

"Oh, shit. Down, Shadowdeath. This is not good, and Kether just bugged out on us. Shit." Tara landed and dismounted as gracefully as possible, (about as gracefully as every time she got pulled over for stupid stuff like a headlight out, which all in all wasn't very graceful at all, but she managed to keep from falling flat on her face). She addressed her captor, "I gladly surrender in exchange for my life. I am unarmed and not a threat even if I were. I got separated from my friends and have no idea where I am."

"Separated from your friends, do you say? You call those outlaws, those Rogues, your friends?" Kali Yuga's eyes flashed like fire, "Bind the prisoner! And instruct your dragon to submit, outlaw! We will now escort you to the Citadel, where your fate will be decided."

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