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Why Harm Is Done

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Why Harm Is Done

By James Clair Lewis

If you fail to recognize value within yourself, you will not see value in anything else. Then all things external will become in your mind, enemies to subjugate or destroy. This ignorance of one's own value is a sad jealousy, which leads one to a malice against all living things. It leads one to destroy and corrupt as a parasite, stealing anything one thinks one wants. This is why harm is done.

Realize that we all partake of the same Divine qualities with which the entire Universe is endowed. We are here to enjoy Life, and create Beauty. Our mandate is to tend and nurture all forms of life, and certainly not to exploit or destroy anything.

In the Language of Words one can tell lies as easily as one can tell the truth. But in the Language of Deeds, there is only Truth. The things that you do, speak of what you harbor in your Soul. There is no hiding this. What a person does, is a clear message for anyone who sees beneath the surface of things.

What we do sends a clear message to the Universe, speaking of what we see, and of what we do not. And the Universe will answer us with conditions in Life which reflect what we have said. Listen when the Universe speaks to you.

Consider the things you want, and also the things you need. If you pursue what you want to the exclusion of what you need, then you will not get what you need, and you will not enjoy what you have. This is what a person who does not recognize their Divine value, and purpose in Life, creates through their deeds, and this is why harm is done. It is not sustainable, and it deprives others of what they need.

When we only pursue the things we need, we will also get much of what we want. Moreover, this will enable others to get what they need, and all of us will flourish.

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