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The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar : Week of Adversity

Lennon Sisters May you always

The Gaian Dragon I Ching Calendar

#40 : Adversity

Adversity is the test of character.

Face Adversity with the attitude of Deliverance. Strive for Progress in the midst of Adversity. Learn to work with people. Generate Success with your attitude. Do not add to Conflict. Come from a place of Love.

Attend to the work at hand. Be a Peacemaker. Return to the basics. Make Wealth sustainable. Bring projects to completion. If you fail, get out Gracefully.

Adversity comes to all.

The Image

Light up the Earth.

Know your own feelings.

Avoid rigidity.

Follow the Way of Nature

The Inside

Recognize a good thing when you have it! Pay Attention! The Dragon maintains confidence. A positive attitude encourages a harmonious outcome. Good Luck! Cooperate with people who have helped you out of difficulties. Good Fortune. Make no mistake. Refrain from idle competition with your neighbors. Grow up. A Dragon's judgement is wise & fair, because it springs from a Universal viewpoint, & the Reality of the situation. Speak the Truth without fear. No blame. If you lose your head, then you may have lost it all! Misfortune!

The Outside

It will be easy, if you do it quickly. Get Moving! The Butterfly understands joy. Maintain peace by working with people, rather than by competing with them. Pay attention. It is difficult to choose between Spiritual and Material values. In your Heart you know what you must do. Think! Respect the Bees. Plan, and wait until the ruler asks for your assistance. Be patient. The Dragon makes the laws simple and fair. Organize your life according to natural universal principles. Be Real! A simple clear form is the fullness of grace.

The Lines

Top : The end of adversity comes, when evil destroys itself. Misfortune.

5 : The Crazy Dragon slips through the net! Keep them laughing, and don't let them know what you are doing. Good Luck!

4 : Respect the Bees. Realize when there is nothing you can do to improve a situation, and leave quietly. Pay attention.

3 : Do not overreact, when you have an unexpected victory. Be moderate while re-establishing order. Be fair.

2 : The Butterfly understands joy. Concentrate upon recovery, and save what you can, after an unexpected accident. No blame.

1 : Refrain for the time being, from criticizing things as they are. Be aware.

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Adversity's Circle of Friends

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